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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019On-board tools for mobile miniature robotsLi, Guanlin
2017On-chip droplet characterisation using impedance-based measurementLow, Jerome Fang Yao
2017An openfoam numerical investigation of leapfrogging of vortex ringsChua, Darren Yong Sheng
2012Operations research (OR) models for improving traffic signal timing mechanismsTeo, Yu An.
2009Optical chemical sensor for water quality monitoringKoh, Yee Wei.
2009Optical fiber for mechanical strain sensingLim, Gim Seah.
2013Optical monitoring of time-dependent topographies in microfabricationLeng, Yilong.
2012Optical NDT of composite materialsFoo, Fang Hao.
2014Optical NDT of composite materialsSim, Wayne Ming Hui
2009Optical properties of aluminum-doped zinc oxide thin films for solar cell applicationHeng, Shu Wei.
2010An optimal (S-1, S) inventory control policy for multi-indentured aircraft engine spare partsAng, Eugene Zheng Hao
2015Optimal aircraft scheduling for aircraft departuresGoh, Bibiana Wan Fang
2010Optimal allocation of purchasing orders to multiple suppliersChaw, Jason Yew Chuan.
2012Optimal control policy for two consecutive operations with time constraintsKellen.
2012Optimal deployment of static detectors in a threat areaPang, Jing Chyi
2020Optimal design for XY micro/ nano positioning stagesTan, Shao Jie
2009Optimal design of portable single trackway bridgePathiusman Abdullah Ashiqmumin.
2010Optimal hedging of asian optionsHe, Shu.
2011Optimal machining parameters for micro-molds preparationQuek, Mervyn Han Leng.
2011Optimal pricing of Iphone apps under uncertaintyLow, Hui Ying.