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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Synthesis and characterization of lsco and lscu for use as catalyst support in pemfcKoh, Zechariah Teng En.
2009Synthesis and characterization of silicon nanowiresLong, Shihong.
2011Synthesis and mechanical properties of PMMA micro-beadsTan, Yong Hwa.
2012Synthesis of a catalyst for water splittingSiow, Wern Chiet.
2017Synthesis of heterogeneous materials for cooling applicationsChoy, Wei Li
2010Synthesis of microcapsules filled with phase change materials (PCMs)You, Shi Mei.
2014Synthesis of palladium bimetal nanoparticles and their catalytic activities for oxygen reduction reactionLiew, Eugene Jun Liang
2020Synthesis of porous adsorbents for cooling and dehumidification applicationsChan, Jing Ting
2015Synthesis of porous materials for cooling and gas storage applicationsWong, Shina Si Jing
2016Synthesis of Porous Materials for Cooling ApplicationsWong, Wei Jie
2019Synthesisation of CaCl2-in-zeolite adsorbents for water based isotherms and kinetics studyLee, Geoffery Gan He
2015Synthetic shuttlecock dynamicsMuhammad Afiq Abdul Hamid
2019Synthetization and characteraization of porous materials for cooling and gas storage applicationTeng, Guang Way
2011System & component study of motor driven micro air vehicleMuhammad Saeed Abdul Ghani.
2016System design of an unmanned surface vehicleXie, Wei
2010System engineering of Singapore long-term care financing and delivery systemFang, Kenneth Song Wei
2020System identification for longitudinal derivatives for a VTOL UAVLiang, QiYun
2020A systematic approach to introducing electric scooter within Nanyang Technological UniversityLiu, Halley Jianyuan
2017Systematic study of jumping droplets induced by electrowettingYap, Eugene Jia Chang
2009A systemic modeling of the minds of stock tradersRony Baby John.