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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Temperature memory effect in shape memory polymer for over heating monitoringLeow, Eugene Wei Chong
2011Tensile and compressive strengths of nanofillers modified epoxy adhesivesNg, Nicodemus Dong Yu.
2009Tensile mechanical properties by Hopkinson BarChia, Shyh Qin.
2019Tensile properties of medial collateral ligamentNg, Boon Khai
2013Tensile tests of composite coupons with prescribed porositySeah, Sin Wei.
2014Tensile tests of composite coupons with prescribed porosityTan, Shemual Pinhan
2019Tension split Hopkinson bar tensile testingSoo, Aaron Cai Liang
2014Test and measurement system for a microthruster system of a nanosatelliteChia, Yong Xian
2009Testing and evaluation of flapping wing mechanismIndra Gunawan
2019Testing of metallic specimens using "C" scan ultrasonic procedures to locate, size and determine shape of defectsLoke, Zhen Dong
2015Testing of microfluidic devicesLoh, Yi Yan
2011Testing of thermal micro-actuator of polymer compositeTeo, Yu Hao.
2013Testing the damping capacity of shape memory alloysFoo, Raymond Mao Yann
2013Tests on flexural strength of carbon\ epoxy compositeSeah, Jason Beng Chin.
2013Texturing & surface characterisation of photovoltaic wafersNg, Chee Hong.
2016Themal Patterns Of An Evaporative Sessile Droplet With The Interfacial Temperature VariationMohammad Rifdi Bin Mohamed Anwar Ersalle
2017Theoretical analysis and optimization modelling for battery swapping station with grid net-meteringGoh, Benjamin Hong Wei
2020Theoretical analysis and optimization of the performance of a hybrid engineHo, Xiu Ting
2019Theoretical and computational study of a notch in soft solidChu, Wee Sheng
2009Theoretical investigation of flow over a cavitySatishkumar Kurusamy.