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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Tribological wear behavior of titanium alloy in simulated bio-fluids for Ti-to-Ti hip-joint replacementOen, Hui Qin
2011TRNSYS simulation of a solar cooling systemCheng, Zesen.
2013TRNSYS simulation of cooling systemKum, Gary Jun Seng.
2015True pseudo-random number generation using chaotic mapsChong, Wei Zhen
2013Trunk posture tracking system with vibro-tactile feedbackWee, Ming Xiao.
2017Tunable focus lens using electroactive polymerNg, Sylvester Aik Tong
2018Tunable focus lens using electroactive polymerOng, You Liang
2015Tunable focus lens using eletroactive polymerNg, Fu Xing
2011Turbine wheel study for turbojet engineYune, Sebastian Wei Kiat.
2012Twinkling effect in detecting kidney stoneLim, Ee Wei.
2014Twinkling effect in detecting kidney stonesSung, Wei Pei
2012Two dimensional heat transfer between two dissimilar materials using fourier seriesLin, Yiyang.
2009Two phase thermosyphon for high heat flux cooling applicationLee, Kai An.
2020Two-dimensional mid-air manipulation of particles using acoustic levitatorLau, Jun Hui
2011Two-dimensional vortex ring studiesTeo, Derek Chong Ren.
2018Two-phase immersion and submerge impingement cooling design for electric heating elementsYadav, Santosh Anand
2020Two-photon polymerization of shape memory polymeric micro-structuresClavero, Jean
2012Two-shot micro over-molding process development for polymeric bio-medical products and applicationsDing, Da Rong
2015Two-way shape memory polymerChng, Wei Kee
2016Two-wing clappers for micro-air vehicleLiew, Wei Jian