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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Understanding and quantifying perturbations in a complex networked supply chainLeong, Yu Rong
2014Understanding individual perceptions in workplace safety practices backgroundXu, Qinghui
2016Understanding the characteristics of Electron Beam Melted Ti-6Al-4V partsKhaw, Chun Hao
2020Understanding the formation of the wavy edges in plants leavesMohamad Farhan Mohamad Mukhlis
2010Understanding vibropeeningLee, Ze Xin.
2017Underwater object tracking for autonomous surface vehicleLidya, Elke
2015Underwater sound generation and characterisationTan, Chun Kang
2016Underwater sound generation and characterizationHo, Tedmond Wen Liang
2017Underwater sound generation and characterizationWu, Yingtong
2018Uniform tension and speed control for roll-to-roll manufacturing processBang, Yih Luen
2016Unmanned aerial vehicle for sports event footage and analysisOng, Kathy Chu Quan
2018Unmanned ground vehicle for ionizer applicationChen, Hao
2017Unstable approach in aviation : causal factors and preventive interventionsLee, Basil Wei Jie
2018Unstable approach in aviation : using agent-based modelling to investigate interaction breakdownSafi Shirbeeni, Saffwan
2017Unstable approach: the study of interaction breakdowns derived from mental model disconnectsLee, Huiwen
2013Unsteady flow-induced vibration of the slider in a commercial hard disk driveToh, Jeffrey See Ren.
2012Unsteady flow-induced vibration of the slider in a commercial hard disk driveMuhammad Haikal Khalid.
2011Use of ACT-R in cognitive modellingRishabh Talwalkar.
2009Use of forecasting techniques in automobile salesCheong, Wei Chin.
2019Use of magnetic field for controlling ice formationMuhammad ‘Asyur Jumain