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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A045 : develop a hydrophobic surface to enable prolonged water flow without external forceLee, Seung Hyun
2015A077 : magnetic energy generator prototypeNg, Bernard Chun Yang
2018A112 - power generation by ocean waves (ii) : electric generator (A)Nur Muhammed Seah Kuan Yew
2014A161 - study of CNT compositeTeo, Brannon Zi Wei
2016A182 enabling outdoor formation flying via re-modelling of ground control station solutionsAw, Zi Quan
2013A193 : design of a compact loading machineWong, Choon Fu.
2009Accelerated lifetime testing of a levitated micro-gyroscopeWoo, Yew Shun.
2016Accuracy assessment of air quality (PM2.5 and PM10) sensor on a drone affected by airflowOng, Kenny Yong Keng
2018Accurate detection of the edges in a photographAhmad Abdillah Zaini
2019Accurate detection of the edges of a room In a photographLim, Dao Wei
2020Accurate detection of the edges of a room in a photographLow, Antheberther Hui Si
2012Acoustic eigenfrequency analysis of some musical instrumentsKua, Li Shan.
2020Acoustic generation and measurement set-up at high frequencyNg, Jun Wei
2013Acoustic levitation effect on ultrasonic piezoactuatorsTee, Swee Lim.
2015Acoustic levitation for sensitive material handlingKwok, Hao Jun
2013Acoustic performance studies on aerogel-filled honeycomb sandwich compositesZhuo, Kaiyang.
2012Acoustic performance studies on aerogel-filled sandwich honeycomb compositeSeet, Seng Ee.
2016Acquire data with LabVIEW To investigate effect of physical parameters on The performance of energy recovery ventilators in buildingsNgiam, Heng Rui
2009Active control of microdropletsTan, Elton.
2014Active disassembly of devices and materialsLin, Xiaocong