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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014B147 study on airfoil performance in gustsPng, Yong Han
2014Balanced allocationsKok, Chee Shin
2010Ballistic performance of sandwich tubesLim, Bernard Jian Cai.
2015Battery plug - in electric car : Vehicle chassis components design and modificationTow, Edward
2014Battery plug-in electric car : (design and integration of suspension and braking systems)Babu Keval Vipul
2014Battery plug-in electric car : design analysis and integration of mid subframe and front and rear jointsMuhammad Hafiz Sazali
2014Battery plug-in electric car : design and integration of battery packaging, bms, and associated systemsShaman Suresh
2014Battery plug-in electric car : human factors design of occupant packageAbdul Hafiz Ali Banama
2016Battery plug-in electric vehicle : completing the chassis build and related sub-assembliesMuhammad Nasrun Roslan
2012Battery plug-in electric vehicle concept design : (battery plug in electric car design - suspension, steering and braking systems)Pannirsilvam, Vinoth.
2012Battery plug-in electric vehicle concept design : (chassis and bodywork integration)Cheng, Chai Siang.
2012Battery plug-in electric vehicle concept design : (motor-drive train and batterypack)Liong, Farandy Angesti.
2015Battery plug-in electric vehicle concept design: charging process and electronic aspect of the electric vehicleLim, Wenyi
2018Battery plug-in electric vehicle concept design: design and integration of extendable solar roofTan, Chuan Yeow
2018Battery plug-in electric vehicle part 2 : design, development, fabrication of transition structures and mounting of aluminium outer shellPang, Jun Wei
2019Beam filtering in industrial X-ray computed tomographyMutiargo, Bisma
2014Behavior-centered, communications-reinforced work place safetyTan, Pang Soon
2015A behavioural model for studying consumer purchasing decisions in a product lineTan, Mark Wei Liang
2014Behavioural-centerd workplace safety part IILee, Cheng Han
2013BEM for the Pennes Bioheat equation in the human eyeTan, Ming Han.