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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011CAE simulation study on the effects of gate types and gate positions for the application of moulding of polymer base micro fluidic chipLow, Yi Sheng.
2014Calculation of mode III stress intensity factors for two interacting cracks in elastic spacesWong, Daryl Wai Mun
2011Calibrating a goods vehicle fire growth in a tunnel using FDS 5.5Kusuma, Darwin.
2009Calibration of exit velocity and temperature distribution for subsonic jet flowGan, Rui Zheng
2011Calibration of strain gage instrumentation for an aircraft pylonTan, Alan Dao Yang
2013Camera guided object tracking robot mobile platformYap, Hong Ping.
2018Cancer ablation by high intensity focused ultrasoundMuhammad Luqman Abdul Halim
2016Cancer ablation by high intensity focused ultrasoundSiu, Jun Yang
2017Cancer ablation by high intensity focused ultrasoundLaw, Berlinda Siu Kwun
2020Cancer survival rate prediction using residual neural network on 3D non-spatial dataChua, Yue Da
2013Capacity control/modulation of a refrigeration compressorSng, Han Yang.
2018Capture body measurements using KinectTay, Zhi Cong
2012Car-to-car communication for energy efficiencyTarn, Willis Rui Seng.
2010Carbon nanotube electrodes for electroanalysisToh, Siong Keong.
2012Carbon nanotube-semiconductor hybrid nanostructureChan, Mark Yu Zhong.
2019Carotid artery thermography and infrared image processing with data managementChin, Zheng Yang
2018Case study : welding procedures in chilled water hot-tapping worksWu, Hao
2009Case study on queues : models analysis of service centreYong, Wei Der.
2009Case study on queuing systems : operation and design of Alexandra Hospital's queuing system using queuing theoryTeo, Justin Kim Yong.
2012Case-based reasoning in product design competitive analysisLeong, Chong Yen.