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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Damage tolerance (fatigue properties) of woven fabric nano compositesWang, Zhihong.
2012Damage tolerance (impact behaviour) of woven fabric nano compositesLim, Andre Sian Lak.
2014Damping capacity of shape memory alloysNg, Chun Yong
2010Data acquisition and analysis for fish-like swimming platformTan, Rayner Sheng Rong.
2014Data analysis and study of human motions in activity of daily living for stroke rehabilitationAmira Mohamed Tamiri
2019Data analytics on semiconductor ion implantation processesLee, Chew Peng
2019Data encryption using chaotic mechanical system vibration response signalPoa, Jeffry Ming Xiong
2020Data encryption using chaotic mechanical system vibration response signalsSim, Ivan Wan Leong
2017Data extraction from flight simulator and proposal of a feasible, economic simulator motion platformChong, Yuk Hang
2012Database management system for a trading companyTeo, Zhi Yin.
2013Deadlock detection and resolution in automated material handling systemHuang, BianXun.
2018Decellularisation of porcine oesophaguLee, Paul Si Yuan
2018Decellularisation of porcine oesophagusLim, Kenneth Jun Yang
2018Decellularisation Of porcine oesophagusOng, Zhen Yang
2016Decellularisation system For porcine esophagusLeong, Kenneth Jian Wei
2012Decision making for complex systemsWu, Jian.
2019Deep learning convolutional network for image classificationMoektijono, Isselin
2020Deep learning for object detection and image segmentationTan, Yan Hwa
2015Defect detection for remanufacturing engineering through non-destructive testingLim, Jerome Jian En
2014Defect detection for remanufacturing engineering using non-destructive testingYeo, Hwee Ling