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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017i-EMS AppOsman, Anuar
2014I-touch based phase shift reflectometry for shape measurementAhmad Zaki Jama Ludin
2011Identification and modelling of a quadrotorLin, Calvin Shenghuai.
2011Identification of a mass-spring system using vibration test dataLi, Rachel Ziqing.
2014Identification of basic elements for car seat designLing, Teck Huat
2017Identification of contribution of ACMV system to indoor bioaerosol concentrationMuhammad Hannan Abu Samah
2013Identification of friction behaviour in disc tribotesterMarimuthu Murugasu.
2009Identification of mass-spring vibration system using measured vibration test dataLock, Siew Min.
2017Identify friend or foe (IFF) development using mems devicesLee, Ryan Han Jun
2013Identifying factors concerning patient safety and efficiency in outpatient pharmacyQuek, Wu Suan.
2017Identifying shape and depth of unknown defects by using non-destructive testingTay, Rayson Teow Siang
2010Identifying the cause of human errors in ship navigationHuang, Bing Yao.
2013Identifying the relationship of colours and forms in affective designLee, Yong Quan.
2020Image analysis for building facade inspectionFan, Yaxi
2014Image analysis of swimming microorganismsLoh, Shaun Pei Hao
2017Image processing and fe model of C1-C2Yang, Chenghan
2017Image processing and finite element modeling of C5-C6 segmentLeong, Wai Leng
2017Image processing and finite element modeling of cervical spine C3-C4 segmentMuhammad Abu Bakar
2010Image processing for monitoring obstructive sleep apneaChan, Wei Kiat.
2014Image processing for TPEF/SHG laser scanning microscopeTham, Yi Hui