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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Laboratory static compression test of aluminiumKannnan Ponnambalam
2013Lamp design and development with emotional design approachLi, Xilu.
2009Land transportation as a system of systems (SoS) the case study of land transport authorityOng, Kenneth.
2020Lane detection algorithm for autonomous driving using deep learningSiang, Yek Khan
2011Lap shear strength of nanofillers modified epoxy adhensivesPoon, Yvette Qi Ying.
2017Large deflection of composite beams in bendingMao, Shihai
2016Large eddy simulation of ABL flow around a parabolic concave roof modelZulfadli Bin Abdul Latiff
2016Large eddy simulations of flow over solid circular cylinders and rectangular blocksLim, Yong Xiang
2016A large-eddy simulation study on supersonic jetsToh, Joel Hang Hwa
2017Laser 3D printing of CoCrFeNiAlx high entropy alloysOoi, Hsu Chien
2009Laser assisted micro patterning atop shape memory polymerGoh, Chee Siew.
2019Laser brazing of Inconel-718 with BNi-2 filler metalKoh, Boris Yee Hui
2020Laser cladding repair study on rail steelsLiew, Tat Fong
2019A laser doppler anemometer for fine scale measurements of turbulenceTian, Yujia
2014Laser forming of metal sheetsWong, Zi Hao
2019Laser hardening of 420 martensitic stainless steel and 2205 duplex stainless steelKoh, Swee Sheng
2018Laser hardening studies on 50CrMo4 steel at different surface conditionsNg, Jonye
2019Laser lock-in thermography for residual stress characterization on metallic plateChong, Jun Jian
2019Laser lock-in thermography on dental inspection using infrared laserWong, Jin Wei
2018Laser metal deposition materials process-performance studiesYuvaraj Hitesh Kumar