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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Nano sized devices with shape memoryChan, Shi Yi.
2019Nanoimprinting of copperGoh, Peng Hau
2018Nanoimprinting of nanostructured catalystsJanaadan Athimulam
2019Nanoimprinting of nanostructured catalystsAravinthan, T.
2019Nanoimprinting of silver metal nanostructuresYap, Yew Ming
2009Nanoindentation and strain rate effects on hardness of solder materialsToh, Jyh Terng.
2020Nanoindentation study on the mechanical behaviour of conventional and additively manufactured Ti-6Al-4VGan, Soo Seong
2012Nanopatterning of 2D periodic structures using multi-facet prism based interferometric lithographyMohamed Fahmin.
2019Natural avian inspired ornithopter UAVKaung, Ko Ko
2009Near net shape structures produced by dissolvable core and plasma spraying processesTan, Kenneth Gim Chuan.
2013Neuromuscular analysis of insect locomotionKoh, Jason Jie Sheng.
2015A new approach of testing platform for vortex-induced vibration systemLau, Jason Bik Swang
2017A new generation cooling cum desalination system employing multi-bed and two-evaporators : a simulation studyTham, Shi Rong
2018New material brazingSivaprasaath, Chandrasagaran
2020New representations for quantum entropy and applications of entropy in virus analysisSun, Sige
2019Non-destructive evaluation of bondline defects in honeycomb compositePhua, Jia Po
2014Non-destructive evaluation of composite structures in aircraftsTan, Zhi Long
2009Non-destructive evaluation of delamination defects in carbon fibre composites by X-ray diffractionLeong, Hannah Yoke Fun.
2018Non-destructive inspection using Low Cost Ultra-Wideband TechnologyLim, Ying Xun
2017Non-destructive testing and mechanical testing of heat damaged of composite materialZhang, Kun