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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016P-B003 challenges of the offshore & marine industry in singaporeYeo, Melvin Wen Hui
2020Packaging & instrumentation data acquisitionNg, Jun Tian
2020Packaging and instrumentation data acquisitionLee, Maverick Xian Zheng
2020Pairs trading strategy with unsupervised clustering methodsToh, Alenson Jun Wei
2009Palm-sized movable impedance detecting transducer for structural damage detectionSun, Ke.
2016Paper-based microfluidic device : serial dilution applicationTan, Eng Kiat
2010Paradigm for product design conceptualization using case based reasoningLeow, Kevin Jun En.
2016Parallel robot for 3D additive manufacturingLiau, Yee Xiang
2015Parallel robot for 3D additive manufacturingZhang, Xiang Bin
2012Parameter sensitivity of the genetic algorithm for flight planning optimizationNg, Justin Min Jie.
2016Parameter study on performance of cooling air inlet in indoor environmentSiti Sunarti Bte Sugito
2018Parametric and feasibility study of flexographic printing process for R2R printed electronicsEe, Jin Hao
2020Parametric investigation on the erosion characteristics of hydrodynamic cavitation abrasive finishing processTay, Zhi Ming
2018Parametric studies on process parameters of directed energy depositionHuang, Runcheng
2018Parametric studies on process parameters of selective laser meltingLoo, Andy Junxiang
2020Parametric study of 3D printed lattice structures using finite element methodJackweel
2019Parametric study of coupled vane compressorNamasivayam, N Annamalai Ramiah
2019Parametric study of different control strategies for organic rankine cycle recovering waste heatBateman, Jared Maurice
2017Parametric study of droplet wettability under electric fieldWang, Chenweiyi
2017Parametric study of gravure printing process for R2R printed electronicsPua, Suan Tai