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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Quadrotor flight simulation in flightgearYue, Sai Kei.
2021Quantification of navigation error associated with the unmanned aircraft systemOng, Jenny Xue Li
2019Quantifying interlayer bonding In concrete 3D printingVong, Cherng Hao
2020Quantifying monitoring awareness of air traffic controllers using eye-tracking signal analysisNeo, Jin
2016Quantitative analysis of led for urban green wallLee, Jun Da
2017A quantitative comparsion of non-destructive testing surface techniques on metal specimensTang, Edric Tong Liang
2013Quantitative determination of stone fragmentation efficiencyTeo, Henry Keng Hiang.
2017Quantitative determination of stone fragmentation efficiencyTan, Sheng Jie
2012Quantitative study of lubricant depletion mechanism for heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR)Chong, Kok Weng.
2019Quantum information entropyPi, Shuheng
2017Queue time analysis for a production line with small variabilityWong, Lisa Ley Yien
2017Queue time approximation for a production line with large variabilityChua, Kurtz Yuan Feng
2013Queue time approximation for a single machine with cascadingLee, Audrey Wan Ling.
2021Quickly deployable structures based on "scissors-type" mechanismsTeo, Yi Qian
2014Radiation reflection between face-to-face facadesLim, Eugene JingYi
2019Rainwater harvesting for diverse usages : design and prototyping of fluid systemQi, Jun Hong
2010Rapid prototyping for kidsBudiman, Rusdi
2009Rapid prototyping of flexible crystal modelsTan, Malcolm Yong Liang.
2009Rapid satellite attitude control using control moment gyrosSollin Selvan Anbu.
2021Rapid volumetric additive manufacturing in solid-state : a case study using thermal gelFaqrul Hasif Abdul Nasir