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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Radiation reflection between face-to-face facadesLim, Eugene JingYi
2019Rainwater harvesting for diverse usages : design and prototyping of fluid systemQi, Jun Hong
2010Rapid prototyping for kidsBudiman, Rusdi
2009Rapid prototyping of flexible crystal modelsTan, Malcolm Yong Liang.
2009Rapid satellite attitude control using control moment gyrosSollin Selvan Anbu.
2019Rare traffic sign detection with synthetic images and multiple classifiersLoke, Yen Chin
2013Raspberry Pi based object tracking robotPang, Si Yuan.
2020Rat tracking solutions in tropical citiesTan, Jian Ting
2012Ratio of specific heats (gamma) calculator for a mixture of different perfect gasesLee, Siew Hui.
2015Re-engineering the pharmaceutical clinical trial supply chainMaithilli Anpazhahan
2020Real-time high contrast vein visualisation in active dynamic thermographyLim, Jia Ler
2018Real-time performance measurement of a photovoltaic panel with and without water coolingPong, Aylwin Jun Lin
2020Real-time performance study of a PV solar panel with and without water coolingChan, Kevin Min Zin
2019Real-time vitals-based rerouting of hospital bed transport systemWee, Andrew John Jia Rong
2013Reciprocating wear behaviour of Ti alloy for biomedical materialsChua, Kia Heen.
2017Recommend the suitability of using smoke control systems for underground data centerYew, Kuok Fung
2011Recovery of 3D objects from 2D drawings Part IAng, Ian Yu Zheng
2010Recovery of three-dimensional objects from single two-dimensional sketches using cubic cornersVishnuprasad Venugopalapanicker
2020Recycled glass utilization as binder for 3D concrete printingLee, Nicholas Guo Feng
2020Redesign methods and guidelines for additive manufacturing in aerospace industriesHui, Yijian