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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Safety and reliability of blowout preventer using fault tree and event tree analysisChua, Darence Kok Zhen
2010Sandwich cylinderYue, Kenny Mai Rui.
2012Savonius vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT)Chen, Zhengnian.
2016Scale-inspired versus constructal designs for enhanced microscale heat transferHan, Bo
2017Scaled up Ni electroforming process for defect-free metal filling in micro trench pattern and high deposition rateSim, Nicholas Wei Qiang
2011Scan matching based on hill climbing algorithmAng, Jimmy
2013Scanning Electro-Microscopy (SEM) of light magnesium alloy AZ31B on strain rate effectMuhammad Syamil Shamsuri.
2020Scanning electro-microscopy of alloysKoh, Jin Ming
2019Scanning electron-microscopy of alloysCheng, Derrick Sheng Chun
2020Scanning of a learjet for educational purposeChow, Yong Kean
2020Scheduling and route planning of unmanned aerial vehicle for multi-parcel postal delivery in SingaporeEe, Germaine Jia Min
2011Scheduling model in cross dockingYang, Lixing
2019Sea recovery system for small UAVMuhammad Feroz Muhammad Shaffarudin
2015Seawater exposure effects on viscoelastic and flexure behavior of GF/BMI compositesTan, Jia Hui
2009Second life as a platform for virtual design and manufacturingWong, Raymond Tuck Wai.
2020Second-order theory of the shearing of soft beamsWoo, Yi Zhun
2015Secured one-handed multi-modal wireless interface for robotic applications in an industrial environmentWei, Lin Yun
2018Segmentation and Fe modelling of C3, C4 and C5 vertebrae for biomechanical analysisAhmad Tarmidzi Abdul Rahman
2020Segmented gas-liquid flow in microfluidics deviceKoh, Quan Yong
2009Segregation in carbon steelsLiong, Wei Hao.