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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Tactile sensor for enhanced user interactionYong, Yoon Keat.
2017Taking measurements from two-dimensional image of a handNg, Tsu Kian
2014Tape bonding of micro droplet generation thermoplastics devicesChen, Mufeng
2016Task-orientated human-robot teleoperation using wearable sensorsTeoh, Yee Seng
2016Tau theory based path planning for quadrotorsTan, Hong Tak
2011Teaching and learning engineering softwareEr, Chao Xing
2012Teaching and learning engineering softwaresZhang, Yang
2020Technical analysis : algorithm trading on financial marketNien, Hao Wen
2015Technical and economic consideration of large-scale solar PV application in SingaporeChen, Guorong
2013Technological and economical assessment of renewable hybrid power systemFung, Choon Lin.
2019Temperature and moisture effects on the failure of compositesLim, Bo Qiang
2017Temperature and moisture effects on the failure of compositesLua, Jian Wei
2018Temperature and moisture effects on the failure of compositesLui, Man To
2019Temperature and moisture effects on the failure of fibre metal laminatesLim, Yi Ren
2012Temperature control using a microcontrollerYang, Yikuan
2014Temperature data analysis of x-sat micro-satelliteSeow, Wei Chung
2021Temperature dependent material behaviour of Inconel steel 625Tan, Dillon Kheng Jin
2015Temperature effect on mechanical properties of CFRP in three point bendingSin, Jia Qi
2009Temperature measurement in microfludic systemLim, Yu Qian.
2016Temperature memory effect in shape memory materials for overcooling monitoringBai, Jing