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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020UAV and photogrammetry for 3D digitalizationTan, Joanne Xin Yi
2016UAV infrastructures for smart citiesViknesh, G. S.
2018Ultrasonic "A" scan of defects to determine their size, location, character and orientationFong, Jun Yong
2013Ultrasonic bonding of thermoplastic microfluidic devicesNgooi, Yaohe.
2016Ultrasonic cavitation in machiningHow, Gui Lin
2017Ultrasonic control of marine foulingYeo, Aziel Jie Kai
2019Ultrasonic control of marine foulingNg, Kian Beng
2018Ultrasonic control of marine foulingT S Gughan
2018Ultrasonic evaluation of the bonding between non-metals EG composite to composite and of the bonding between 2 similar or dissimilar metalsChan, Teck Soon
2019Ultrasonic evaluation of the bonding between two materials in order to predict the mechanical strength of the bondMuhammad Haziq Azmi
2017Ultrasonic monitoring for adhesive materialsChen, Niji Yan'an
2016Ultrasonic NDT of composite laminates using phased-array probesFoo, Chuan Xiong
2009Ultrasonic phased array of composites and other aircraft materialsEng, Gun Kiat
2019Ultrasonic testing of composite materials damaged by lightning strikesHah, Alvin Hong Yang
2016Ultrasonic testing of heat damaged composite materialsThoo, Kah Kian
2015Ultrasonic testing of heat damaged composite materialsCheah, Wai Chuen
2017Ultrasonic testing of selectively laser melted partsTeo, Zhi Jie
2018Ultrasonic, shearography and thermography testing of heat damaged composite materialsAng, Ying Mei
2017Ultrsonic testing of bond integrity in adhesive joints between 2 similar metalsAng, Marcus
2011Unconventional UAVSai, Roy Chang Kung.