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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Validation of an empirical formula for use in multi-objective optimization study of a tanker for optimal EEOINg, Keng Fu
2011Validation of citarasa engineering in affective home designHeng, Daniel Cher Guan.
2018Variable cross-sectional flow area for an enhanced thermo-hydraulic performance in microchannelsChua, Keng Yong
2016Variable geometry compressorCao, Wei
2018Variable protrusion density for an enhanced thermo-hydraulic performance in a microchannelTan, Chee Khong
2019Variable waveform amplitude for a microchannel with single-wavy-wall boundaryOng, Kun Wei
2015Variation in the geometry of specimen under dynamic tensile loadingIra Nursyilah Mohd Tahir
2015Vehicle routing and re-routing in emergency logisticsOng, Teck Ghee
2017Velocity flow field of an elliptic pipe jetLim, Jiaxu
2020Venous valve stent analysisChia, Mark Wen Hao
2019Venous valve stent designLow, Jun Yu
2010Verification and validation of an ontology for B2B collaborationOoi, Yee Loong.
2019A versatile domestic ironing boardTan, Yuan Xia
2013Viability of fabricating a microfludic biochip without microfabrication processessLim, Jonethan You Xiong.
2009Viable risk evaluation model of public-private-partnership (PPP) in infrastructural developmentTan, Tze Wei.
2009Vibration and critical speed of thin rotating cylindrical shellNg, Yong Ren.
2014Vibration and thermal cycling effects on solder joint reliabilitySelvanathen, Daryl
2009Vibration modeling of hard disk drive componentsCheng, Tian.
2011Vibration modelling of disc drive actuatorXiong, Ying.
2010Vibration of linkages with variable stiffness jointsYeo, Harrison Chong Yi.