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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Wall climbing robot : flying mouseWang, Yifan
2017Wall climbing robot for indoor applicationTan, Ri Liang
2016Water entry behaviour of conical projectilesWong, Ji Inn
2017Water jet cavitation peening : establishment of standards for process intensity evaluationToh, Ying Zhang
2019Water stream under the acoustic field from a small pipeMui, Keith Ka-Ho
2019Water-responsive shape memory effect in tough hydrogelSun, Yi Jie
2012"Wave energy converter"Ng, Yao Zhong.
2019Wear analysis research on railway steelTo, Jason Wei Lin
2011Wear characteristics of titanium and its alloy TI-6AL-4VTay, Jiang Han.
2020Wear modelling of a rail-wheel systemLim, Darren Wei Xiang
2013Wear pattern of shoesChong, Choon Yuan.
2012Wear pattern of shoesLau, Anne Hui Hui.
2014Wear pattern of shoesOng, Kuei Hsien
2013Wear performance of hip joint replacementSee, Ya-Pei.
2011Wear properties of aluminum composites reinforced with carbon nanotubesWoo, Kin Yuin Nicholas.
2020Wearable electrical deviceTan, Bernie Peng Shi
2014Wearable solution for detecting knee and joint range of motion for arthritis patientsLi, ZhongTang
2019Wearable solutions to enable humans to directly drive robot manipulators with force feedbackTeo, Marcus
2016Wearable technology for holistic entertainment experienceZhu, Lingfei
2019Web browser-based interface for monitoring and controlling robotLim, Pius Zhen Ye