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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The change in Singlish : investigating the effects of a changing language ecology on the Singlish lexicon through Singapore-produced mediaChew, Jorene Jo Ee
2020Character education in Singapore : the three phases of Singapore's educationHung, Joel Yi Guang
2019Charting the language shift from ‘dialects’ to Mandarin in Singapore through local newspaper discourses, 1840s-presentTang, Xian Cher
2020Checking out : hoteliers’ preferences in managing language barriers within the Singapore hospitality industryMuhammad Sholihin Khamsani
2019Chinese salted fish : resisting modernity, 1931-1937Wong, Lydia Pui Lam
2019Comparison among Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong's translated foreign movie titles : a discourse analysisIp, Tiffany Zi Yan
2020A comparison between the use of interactional strategies by native Japanese and Singaporean Japanese speakersTan, Jia Xuan
2020Conforming to feminine norms of appearance and beauty ideals : self-inflicted objectification?Lock, Jing Wen
2019Constructing a concept of woman : women’s universal fear of sexual harassment and assaultHyliana Mohamed
2020Constructions of Japan and the Japanese : war, memory and foreign policy in SingaporeLiu, Joseph Woon Keong
2020Consuming the tiger : anecdotes, anatomy and advertising in twentieth century SingaporeTeoh, Vincent Jin Keong
2019The contemporary challenge to traditional Confucian concept of interpersonal harmony : is staying single necessarily a bad thing?Nur Syarafina Muhamad Ridha
2020Contexts and reasons for emoji usage of Chinese Singaporean university studentsLai, Priscilla Zi Ga
2020Contingency-testing in the use of the sentence acceptability task by Ho (2019) in understanding dyslexia in Singapore : an EEG studyTan, Priscilla Le En
2019Contradictions in the pursuit of a multicultural society : an analysis of race-based policies in Singapore from 1960s-2010sFathin Nazhirah Nordin
2020A critical analysis of higher-order beliefs in Richard Moran’s conception of transparency relationsTong, Chermaine
2018Crypto-linguistics in Singapore : deciphering the Singapore StoneChua, Sock Hui
2019Cultural revolution : exploring the what and how of rememberingTay, Min
2020Culture, colour connotations and the effects of simultaneous bilingualism on perceptionTan, Xanthe
2020Curating the sexual health of a nation : misrepresentations of sexual health, STIs and HIV/AIDS from the colonial to the post-colonialMuhammad Zaqeer Mohd Radz