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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Acquisition of Thai as a foreign language through watching subtitled drama seriesHing, Ting Fang
2020Adopting a sustainable approach in fast fashion corporations using the Rawlsian social contract theoryToh, Qian Hui
2020The advent of plastic and the gratuitous displacement of traditional food packaging in Singapore (1950s – 1990s)Benedict, Claudia Marianne
2019Ageism, age discrimination and the re-examination of retirement in Singapore, 1978-1993Nur Irdina Ramlan
2019“Aiyo! Why like that?” The case of gender and Singlish interjections in text messagingLai, Jamie Huiying
2019Analysing Sherlock Holmes canon : terms of address in the Victorian eraTeo, Shernise
2020An analysis of accounts of depression on Reddit SingaporeKoh, Joey Xin Le
2019Analysis of strategies in translating idiomatic expressions from English into MalayFarah Syazana Suhaimi
2020Are Chinese Singaporean university students willing to speak in Mandarin?Ong, Wei Jie
2020Are you happy or 高兴? Differences in affective word perception between first and second languages of Chinese-English bilingualsLiew, Ming En
2019Asianness, education, pragmatism : the history of creativity in SingaporeChui, Joyce Jia Hui
2019Assessing racism in Singapore : replacing Singapore's customary focus on intentionality with a focus on impactsLee, Lavelle Wen Ning
2019Attitudes towards Singlish : voices of Singaporeans overseasLee, Elsie Shu Ying
2020Beyond the television screen : Phua Chu Kang in the historical discourse of the speak good English movement 2000, SARS outbreak and the Singapore-Malaysia water disputeKoh, Phyllis Xing Yi
2019Body, gender and sex : a study of sexual normativity and deviances in Indian Buddhist community (middle period)Lee, Thomas Ming Zhi
2020Bone apple tea, bon appetit : a Python-led analysis of English malapropisms posted on RedditTeo, Wenqi
2020A cautious defense of AI as moral machinesChuah, Fiona Wen Qian
2019Ce yin zhi xin in the Mencius : being concerned for the otherHan, Joey Ming Jie
2019Challenging the ugliness of beauty : beautification as an instrument of female agencyChong, Eunice Chin Hui
2020The change in Singlish : investigating the effects of a changing language ecology on the Singlish lexicon through Singapore-produced mediaChew, Jorene Jo Ee