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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020La vie en queer : queering sight and envisioning liberated subjectivitiesLim, Kai Tjoon
2020Language use and medical outcomes : issues in assuaging patients’ concerns of pain during consultationsHor, Felicia Xue Ting
2019The last Burmese king (1878-1886) from perspectives of the British : annexation and disposalYeo, Timothy Shao Hui
2020Latah as a discourse strategy in Singaporean MalaysDwi Idayuny Jumadi
2020The legitimacy game : the persistence of colonial patterns in U.S.-Philippines relations, 1972-86Koh, Jewel Ting Suen
2020The life of a matriarch : a social history of Nyonyas in British Singapore, 1880-1940Yew, Charmaine Qian Le
2019Like what?Tan, Rachel Jiayi
2020Linear a investigation into the origin of the sea peoplesWan Muhammad Ariff Rahmat
2019A lingering hint of exoticism : postcolonialism and the shifting 20th century tourism representations of Singapore, 1900-1980sNg, Chen Eng
2020Linguistic insecurity in Singapore through the lens of lingual voice quality settingsLow, Joel Yong Sik
2019The linguistic landscape around community clubs in SingaporeLin, Beatrice Zi Xin
2020Linguistic landscape in Singapore : what does the HDB space reveal?Ang, Venna Yu Yan
2020The linguistic landscape of tourist attractions in SingaporeTeo, Boon Yong
2018Lost in translation : why song titles differ in meaning in English and ChineseGoh, Diana Wei Ling
2019Love, sex and marriage : the circulation of sexual knowledge in Singapore, 1965 to 1985Toh, Xun Qiang
2020Love, sex and robots : an introspection on human desire and its moral significance on posthumanist views on biological liberationNg, Sonya
2019“Lowliness majestic” : androcentric patriarchy, queerness, and the equivocal meekness of eve in John Milton’s paradise lostNg, Ian Alexander
2019“Madness” in Singapore : perception and treatment towards the other (late 19th to mid-20th century)Wang, Jing Wen
2019Making space out of place : politics of Singapore’s hawker centres, 1965-2015Chew, Gelasia Xin Ying
2019Malay for Malaya? Re-examining language debates in colonial Malaya from the 1920s–1940sTai, Cae Ryn