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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019“Madness” in Singapore : perception and treatment towards the other (late 19th to mid-20th century)Wang, Jing Wen
2019Making space out of place : politics of Singapore’s hawker centres, 1965-2015Chew, Gelasia Xin Ying
2019Malay for Malaya? Re-examining language debates in colonial Malaya from the 1920s–1940sTai, Cae Ryn
2019Malay-speaking Indian MuslimsNaqiyah M Lukman
2019Martin Heidegger and Zhuangzi’s concept of deathCheong, Terence Ming Wei
2019Measuring Malayization : kuda kepang and Javanese Muslim Singaporeans in post-independence Singapore (1965-1990)Sri Amalinah Suhairi
2020"Mee siam mai hum" : style-shifting and code-mixing in election ralliesTeoh, Yong Qin
2019Migration, mediums and magic : a spirit-medium temple’s encounter and negotiation with Buddhism in post-independence SingaporeSoh, Esmond Chuah Meng
2018The Minoan enigma : deciphering Linear ATan, Kimberly Miracle Wei Yan
2020A model green city? : the history of conservation discourse in Singapore 1965 to the presentTan, Yee Ting
2019Moral status of participants in war : a scale to measure degrees of moral innocenceQuek, Patrina, Jing Ying
2019Morphological processing on sentence comprehension in Chinese : an EEG study on dyslexic children in SingaporeHo, Glenn Yun Xin
2018"My encik said" : talking about national service with memesTsoi, Wai Yee
2020Nationalizing a ‘Malaysian’ conflict : konfrontasi in Singapore’s history textbooks, 1966-2015Ling, Clement An
2020Nature, action, and reason : a comparative study of the Aristotelian and Nietzschean approaches to tragedyChen, Min Suen
2020Navigating through the changing times, a case study of Pek Sam Choon/Pek Sin Choon tea businesses in Singapore, late 1940s - 1990sYeo, Yi Lin
2019Negotiating Israel-Palestine : identity politics of Singapore Christians from 1980s to early 2000s through holy land pilgrimagesYeo, Ellie Wing Yu
2020The non-culpability of moral ignoranceLong, Veronica Kai Hui
2019Nói ngọng : the social correlates of /l/ and /n/ in VietnameseHoang, Nam Phuong
2019Numinous enlightened dispositions : Buddha-nature & Islamic Fịtrah vis-à-vis human sufferingZulhaqem Zulkifli