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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Unearthing Temasek : earthenware and site function in 14th-century SingaporeAng, Caroline Leng Lee
2019Using drama as a teaching tool for second language learningNur Haziqah Rosidin
2019The Vietnamese refugee crises : a study of Singapore’s approach from 1975 to 1980Goh, Hannah Si Min
2019Virtuous video games : cultivating character with violent video gamesCheong, Qi Yun
2018“Walk a mile in their shoes” : the oneness theory and implications for the altruism-egoism debateWoo, Suxian
2018“We need to talk. Period.” : navigating and managing the menstrual communication tabooTan, Jaclyn Yu Jia
2020What does sounding Singaporean mean?Tan, Charmaine Li Min
2019What is truth? The production of historical knowledge in Singapore on the 1950s and 1960sLee, Christopher Si Jie
2020What is your name? A study of naming practices in Singaporean Chinese familiesGan, Chloe Jing Yong
2020What makes you beautiful? A multimodal discourse analysis of female beauty ideals in print advertisements in Singapore shopping centresOng, Fonda Zheng Jing
2019Within the Canon of Sherlock Holmes : a python-led study on gender differences in speechChan, Alvina Huang Wern
2020Woman, gender and colonialism : debates on the ideal womanhood in Korean Society c. 1910-1945Ngm, Vivian Hui Ting
2018Wordsworth and Beethoven : the poetics of music in the romantic eraLee, Claudia Zhi Xuan
2019You look familiar … but what’s your name? Word learning in Singaporean older adultsTan, Justina Yu Han
2020一个马华作家的自觉 :黎紫书《告别的年代》的解构意识 = The consciousness of Malaysian Chinese writer : deconstruction in Li Zishu’s Gao Bie De Nian Dai (An age of farewell)沈佳乐 Sem, Jia Le
2018丘壑寄怀抱 :赵孟頫《鹊华秋色图》与其题跋研究 = Aspirations within mountains and valleys : a study on Zhao Meng Fu’s the autumn colours on the Que and Hua mountains painting and its colophon林恩齐 Lim, Jasline En Qi
2019中华传统文化在新加坡奄奄一息的危机 :电视剧《红白囍事》案例研究 = The imminent crisis of Chinese traditional culture in Singapore : a case study of drama series “New Beginnings”詹韻璇 Cham, Vanessa Yunn Shyuan
2018中国东北人移民新加坡后的语言变化及其社会意义 = Study of the language changes of Chinese Northeastern immigrants as a socio-linguistic Indicator in Singapore李思 Li, Si
2019中国底层诗人在文坛的影响 :以余秀华的诗歌为例 = A Chinese poet’s impact in the literary world : study of Yu Xiuhua’s poems蔡銘莉 Chua, Meng Lee
2020中国改编神话题材动画电影的策略与影响 :以<西游记之大圣归来> 与 <哪吒之魔童降世> 为例 = The strategy and influences of China’s animated films mythological adaptation – using examples of Monkey King : Hero is back and Ne Zha : I am the destiny张绍华 Zhang, Shaohua