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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019You look familiar … but what’s your name? Word learning in Singaporean older adultsTan, Justina Yu Han
2020一个马华作家的自觉 :黎紫书《告别的年代》的解构意识 = The consciousness of Malaysian Chinese writer : deconstruction in Li Zishu’s Gao Bie De Nian Dai (An age of farewell)沈佳乐 Sem, Jia Le
2018丘壑寄怀抱 :赵孟頫《鹊华秋色图》与其题跋研究 = Aspirations within mountains and valleys : a study on Zhao Meng Fu’s the autumn colours on the Que and Hua mountains painting and its colophon林恩齐 Lim, Jasline En Qi
2019中华传统文化在新加坡奄奄一息的危机 :电视剧《红白囍事》案例研究 = The imminent crisis of Chinese traditional culture in Singapore : a case study of drama series “New Beginnings”詹韻璇 Cham, Vanessa Yunn Shyuan
2018中国东北人移民新加坡后的语言变化及其社会意义 = Study of the language changes of Chinese Northeastern immigrants as a socio-linguistic Indicator in Singapore李思 Li, Si
2019中国底层诗人在文坛的影响 :以余秀华的诗歌为例 = A Chinese poet’s impact in the literary world : study of Yu Xiuhua’s poems蔡銘莉 Chua, Meng Lee
2020中国改编神话题材动画电影的策略与影响 :以<西游记之大圣归来> 与 <哪吒之魔童降世> 为例 = The strategy and influences of China’s animated films mythological adaptation – using examples of Monkey King : Hero is back and Ne Zha : I am the destiny张绍华 Zhang, Shaohua
2020中国耽美剧中性别平等的想象 :以《上瘾》为个案研究 = The desire of gender equality from Boys’ Love drama in mainland China : a case study of “Addiction”方心盈 Fong, Averyl Xin Ying
2019中韩文学交流 :桃花源意象在韩国古典文学与绘画的传播及诠释 = Sino-Korean literary exchange : the propagation and interpretation of peach blossom spring imagery in classical Korean literature and painting苏育涵 Soo, Wesley Yu Han
2020九十年代香港城市书写 :以董启章《繁胜录》为例 = Narrating Hong Kong in 1990s : a case study of Dung Kai-Cheung’s visible city李佳文 Li, Jiawen
2019从《新兵正传》电影系列的字幕翻译探讨新加坡的文化意涵 = A study on Singapore’s culture based on the translated subtitles in the “Ah Boy’s to Men” movie series叶方婷 Yip, Geralyn Fong Ting
2020从《海峡华人杂志》看19世纪末至20世纪初 海峡华人的社会改革 = A study on the reformation of the Straits Chinese from late 19th to early 20th century through the Straits Chinese magazine黄慧莹 Wong, Hui Yen
2019从《血染相思谷》 以及 《唐山阿嫂》 看香港黑色电影中男女角色形象的变化 = The changes in image of characters : a study on Hong Kong film noirs “Blood Stains the Valley of Love” and “China Wife”黃椗翔 Ng, Ding Xiang
2019从中文游客的角度来探讨新加坡华文地名及其中使用的翻译技巧考察 = A study of Chinese tourists’ perspective on different types of translated places names李洁莹 Lee, Jie Ying
2019从互文性视角看写作、阅读与翻译 : 以《疯狂亚洲富豪》为例 = Approaching writing, reading and translating with the theory of intertextuality : a case study of crazy rich Asians张颂恩 Teo, Song En
2020从关联理论看英式幽默字幕翻译 :以英剧《神探夏洛克》为例 = An analysis of translation for British humour subtitles from the perspective of relevance theory : a case study of BBC’s Sherlock Holmes倪玮忆 Gunawan, Arabella
2020从吴明益《复眼人》看自然书写 = Nature writing in Wu Ming-Yi's the man with the compound eyes云嘉慧 Hoon, Jacinda Jia Hui
2019从当代维吾尔诗歌看维族的自我身份 = Shattering mirrors : Uyghur identity through the lens of modern Uyghur poetry潘惠思 Puah, Hui Sze
2020从新加坡6、7岁儿童语码转换及语码混用的现象反观家庭和学校华语教学对儿童早期语言习得的影响 = Code-switching and code-mixing phenomenon among 6- and 7-year old Singaporean children as a reflection of the effect of family and Chinese language teaching on children’s language acquisition陈美静 Tan, Joanne Mei Jing
2019从新加坡少儿读物《跑藏找》分析女性科幻小說的翻译 = Analysis of feminist science fiction translations through RunHideSeek, a children's literature from Singapore黄馨盈 Ng, Noreen Xin-Ying