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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Irradiance sensor array data analysisRaja Rajan, Rajendran
2017Irregular migrants and informal institutions : how do their interactions with formal institutions affect policy effectiveness?Low, Choon Chyuan
2000Is AMEX blue here to stay.Tan, Jolynn.; Hung, Yian Yian.; Lee, Mei Lan.
2004Is an ethical firm a profitable one?Chiew, Peishan.; Koh, Dione Bee Yen.; See, You Zhen.
2017Is c-myc super-enhancer invasion associated with aberrant chromatin interactions in cancer?Fu, Shufeng
2007Is China's currency undervalued?Chuah, Eu Shu.; Leong, Wai Keat.; Tong, Yee Hong.
1999Is direct marketing replacing the role of agents and brokers in the travel insurance market today in Singapore?Goh, Winnie.; Lee, Belinda.; Tan, Christopher.
2017Is dry bulk shipping still worth investing in?Goh, Cheryl Joy Ying Li
2017Is dry bulk shipping still worth investing in?Tan, Kenneth Jia Jun
2017Is dry bulk shipping still worth investing in?De Almeida, Devinda Iroshan
2011Is East Asia decoupled from the US?Huynh, Nha Khanh; Nong, Duc Chinh; Zeng, Yubing
2009Is family time failing? : a study on Singapore youths’ perspectives towards family time in enhancing the quality of parents-youth relationship.Lee, Joanna Hui Ling.
1997Is it necessary for small companies in Singapore to have their financial statements audited?Kong Swee Siew, Ng Ghim Hong Vincent, Ng Wee Cheng
1995Is it time to abandon internet and cruise the superhighway?Ng, Yee King; Koh, Wee Meng; Yew, Chin Seng
2012Is local government the driving force behind the surging housing price in China? Evidence from rental, land and housing marketsQian, Jin; Lai, Yi Wen; Lee, Choon Yan
2018Is long period time charter still a viable option in today's market condition (with focus on panamax vessel from shipowner perspective)Ong, Wen Jun
2018Is long period time charters still a viable option in today's market conditions?Tan, Darren Qin Tian
2018Is long-period time charters still a viable option in today's market conditions?Ng, Jin Yuan
2004Is management of past and forecasted earnings by IPO firms associated with insider trading?Chua, Jia Yin.; Lee, Fiona Min Yoong.; Tang, Qianhui.
2013Is Mandarin essential to the construction of Chinese-ness in Singapore?Wong, Kevin Zi Hao