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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Island tourism : a case comparison.Chin, Yee Lee.; Kwok, Wing Fai.; Lim, Hui Hoon.
2013Islander.Tan, Donovan Boon Pin.
2018Islanding detection in microgridMuhammad Mubarak Syed Ahmad
2008Islands in jeopardy : how Singapore's offshore islands lost their heritage.Lee, Jocelyn Yu Ying.; Lim, Colin Ke Long.; Loh, See Mun.; Yeo, Irwin Chuan Siang.
1997ISO 14000 environmental management system : an exploratory researchAng, Seng Leong; Choong, Keng Loon; Tan, Charlotte Seo-Lin
1998ISO 14001 EMS : Implementation issues.Tan, Hui Li.; Teo, Lay Eng.; Yong, Chih Fei.
1994ISO 9000 : the competitive edge for manufacturing firmsChua, Tze Wee; Ong, Ai Geok; Chiang, Sow Lee
1999ISO 9000 and its effect on the financial performance of publicly listed certified companies.Phoon, Sok Fun.; Sim, Ai Wah.; Tan, Meow Keng.
1997ISO 9000 certification : is it a must?Koh Lin Yee Calvin, Han Xiao, Liu Hong Chun
2002ISO 9000: does it improve firms' financial performance?Chia, Hui Yong.; Khoo, Li Pei.; Lim, Pei Szu.
2010Iso speed evaluation of digital camerasLee, Mervin Zhen Yuan.
2018Iso-rela-tion: when jewelry meets danceLiu, Huihui
2016Isolated DC/DC converter with MPPT extraction for solar applicationWong, Cheng Sheng
2018Isolated internationalists : looking at North Korea through visual propagandaTan, Landson Lang Seng
2009Isolation and characterisation of exosomes from human cancer cell lines and patient material.Wang, Xiaohui.
2009Isolation and fermentation of endophytic fungi from Singapore plants followed by isolation of active compounds from fungi extract.Lim, Russell Tse Jiang.
2009Isolation and identification of microbes to convert green wastes to sugars for ethanol productionLim, Si Jia.
2009Isolation and identification of microbes to convert lignocellulose wastes to reducing sugarsTan, Michelle Wei Qi.
2009Isolation between electric and magnetic antennas in close proximityZhuang, Jingxin.
2020Isolation of antifungal bacteria from compost and environmental samplesSim, Jolene Xin Ying