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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010B-C-N systems for armour applicationsSeah, Alvin Kok Peng.
2014B147 study on airfoil performance in gustsPng, Yong Han
2002B2B e-marketplaces : a strategic positioning and resource-based perspective.Chuah, Dennis Sing Ming.; Chen, Andy Wei Yen.; Lin, Ning Hong.
2003B2B e-marketplaces : archetypes in the electronics components industry.Chua, Peijuan.; Lan, Guixia.; Tan, Mei San.
2015B6100-141-fabrication and characterization of polycrystalline diamond for thermal managementLim, Teresa Hui Qi
2005Baby blues : addressing the low total fertility rate problem in Singapore.Chew, Serene Ruo Ying.; Choo, Xiuhui.; Chua, Eileen.
2002Baby boomers and generation xers : perceptions and expectations of current affairs and info-educational programmesLam, Siew Yen; Seow, Shin Yi
2020Baby boyCheuk, Amanda Bambby Yuet Ga; Chua, Zong Xuan; Heng, Jessica Lin Qing; Wu, Toby Zhi
2020Baby don't cry : measuring the empathetic response towards infant cries in a Singaporean nonparent contextNg, Xinyao
2019A baby monitoring systemTan, Xing Hao
2015Baby steps campaignChua, Ying Ying; Leung, Yan Wah; Lim, Tracy Sze Li; Ang, Meryl Xin Jie
2013‘Baby, you’re my Kryptonite…’ – a sociological analysis of romantic socialization and power dynamics in heterosexual romantic relationships from ‘her perspective’Anandhi Kalaivanan
2013The bach bang : effects of tonal vs. atonal music on finger tappingTan, Jian Rong.
2018Back in time : tracing the origins of Singapore's 1960s/1970s cholera storyThio, Debra Jane En Yu
2016Back to the rootsKoh, Jia Hao
2016Back to “I Do”: strengthening marriages in SingaporeNingrong, Chiam; Koh, Justine; Lau, Shermaine; Yew, Eian Kian
2018A back-to-back converter system for aerospace applicationsHao Zhe, Chua
2020Backbone boogie : dance the osteoporosis away!Gey, Elainn Yee Rong; Lim, Cheryl Yi Xuan; Tan, Cammie Yi Jia
2017Backscattering-enhanced scattererNg, Boon Kiat
2009Backyard bowler, a short film.Tan, Shi Yee Amanda.; Md Haffidz, Mohammad Hanafi.; Ong, Xi Wei Grace.; Pu, Ziyang.