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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018"Daddy, Mummy! Talk to me!" The relationship between parent to child language input and preschooler's language development : a systematic reviewTeo, Almanda Wen Ling; Toh, Christa Hui Ying; Ong, Wen Hee
2013Daily deals in Singapore : the perspective of restaurant operators.Lim, Ziqin.; Ngeow, Kathleen.; Teo, Sally.
2005The daily grind : coffeeshop culture in SingaporeHo, Lian Yi; Neo, Chai Chin; Wong, Adlena Radzie
2009Daily volatility behaviour in agricultural futures marketAng, Kelly; Liang, Shibin; Lui, Duan Jie
2010Daisy.Michael King Sutanto.
2010Daisy.Renald Taurusdi.
2013Damage assessment of reinforced concrete structural walls under cyclic loadingAng, Jasmine Jiemin
2012Damage detection and identification using smart transducers for pipes and cylindrical shellNi, Suteng.
2009Damage mode identification and classification using smart piezoceramic transducerLu, Leon Sunjie.
2012Damage tolerance (fatigue properties) of woven fabric nano compositesWang, Zhihong.
2012Damage tolerance (impact behaviour) of woven fabric nano compositesLim, Andre Sian Lak.
2014Damping capacity of shape memory alloysNg, Chun Yong
2017Damping properties of sand-rubber mixturesTay, Clara Hui Xia
2013Damping ratio from surface wave testsLee, Pei Yu.
2011Dance : negotiating emotion through motion.Chua, Nina Tsai Tse Pei.
2005The dance clubbing industry in Singapore : a view from residents and touristsHong, Qianmei; Chan, Mabeline Meishi; Ang, Mindy Shaojun
2017Dance movement tracking and visualisation using body movement sensorsCheng, Jin Ling
2006Dance of life : revival of the Cambodian classical dance.Lin, Ziyu.; Lim, Siao Lang.
2011Dance photography : surpassing the reality of movements.Tan, Selina Hui Juan.
2020Dancing CloudOng, Nicholas Jun Jie