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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014E-assisted learning using remote labsSingla, Amit
2003E-banking and Singapore consumers : its costs and benefits analysis.Choo, Wen Yi.; Chua, Serena Siew Hoon.; Li, Xin Yi.
2001E-banking in Singapore : adoption of a service innovationAng, Puay Ling; Kiew, Mei Fong; Teng, Mui Fong
2017E-bikes to infrastructure communication for personal mobility solutionsTan, Seng Eng
2001E-business consultantsAng, Hock Mui; Lowe, Hong Check; Leong, Kenneth Ngak Yong
2001E-commerce and e-business education : initiatives undertaken by business schools.Cheong, Evangeline Yong Xin.; Goh, Chee Kong.; Heng, Jared Yit Loong.
2016E-commerce fraud victims : the influence of negative emotions on coping styles and repurchase outcomeTan, Xin Er
2000E-commerce in Singapore : a theoretical framework for e-commerce and its implications for Singapore.Low, Joyce Woon Chin.; Soh, Jannet Huoy Tyng.; Teo, Gerard Kuei Yang.
2002E-commerce in SMEs : government assistance schemes.Chan, Jen Ai.; Lim, Siu Tiang.; Low, Yen Chin.
2000E-commerce in the 21st Century : issues and challengesLim, Jasmine Ai Kim; Wan, Kum Keet; Yap, Jaclyn Foong Chan
2000E-commerce laws : impact on businessesOng, Karen Shu Ming; Ranmalee Anusha Mendis; Yeo, Suu Mei
2013E-commerce product recommendation systemMody, Kimisha Piyush.
2001E-commerce project implementation.Lim, Ching San.; Tong, Ker Min.; Tan, Hui Lin.
2000E-commerce trust study in Singapore.Tan, Gerald.; Chew, Aileen.; Chua, Chee How.
2001E-compare : common features of various website genres.Heng, Lisa Li Shih.; Ho, Boon Ruei.; Lim, Yan Li.
2002E-compensation in Singapore.Chan, William.; Tan, Wei Ling.; Wong, Robin Tong Lin.
2007E-government solution : a case study of Jurong Town CorporationKew, Junhao; Tai, Yujen; Wang, Jian
2001E-incentives for the online consumer : a comprehensive study.Lui, Clarinda Ya Ying.; Ng, Hui Kwang.; Ng, Yan Hooi.
2009E-learning community : study villageZheng, Yuting.
2014E-learning courseware developmentLi, Zhi