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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007F&B business opportunity in NTU.Low, Wan Wen.; Thean, Ai Hui.; Wong, Melissa Jing Pei.
2011F( . )( . )D.Koh, Wei Ling.
2013The F-word : how do overweight and obese Malay women experience and cope with fat stigma in Singapore?Syarafina Abdul Halim.
2018F1 racing circuit In laboratory settingMuhammad Fadzli Rosli
2010Fables alive!Poh, Shu Yan.
2021Fabric based water energy harvestingHong, Trica Li Xuan
2013Fabric of a family : alternative families in Singapore.Goh, Chay Teng.; Quah, Dai Wei.
2012Fabricate aluminium mold by hot embossing method for manufacturing of polymeric micro-devicesAung, Yan Nyein
2017Fabricating memories, narratives and identities through the good morning towel and its consumed ‘Nostalgia’ in SingaporeTay, Nika Hui Min
2017Fabricating micro-features using polymer 3D additive manufacturingYao, Denghui
2009Fabricating polymer-nanocomposite fiber for biomedical applications.Chew, Shirlin.
2018Fabrication & characterization of human hair keratin template for wound healing applicationLim, Supiati
2017Fabrication & characterization of thin film hybrid solar cell applicationChan, Yi Qi
2013Fabrication (preparation) of flexible Li ion batteriesChen, Lawrence ShiQiang.
2014Fabrication and applications of honeycomb structure filmsAw, Jia En
2011Fabrication and bending property of fiber metal laminates using nanofillers modified epoxy resinsHeung, Cheuk Hei.
2017Fabrication and characterisation of alumina-tungsten carbide : influence of particle size and concentrationMuhammad Aliuddin Hafid
2017Fabrication and characterisation of intermediate mold printing using laser-processed PMMA substrateChia, Edmund Jun Hao
2011Fabrication and characterisation of low temperature bonding via copper nanowire arraysNadia Eddy Razali
2015Fabrication and characterisation of MgO-based redox random access memoryAndhita Dananjaya, Putu