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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016g-C3N4/ZnO hybrid material as photocatalyst for photocatalytic CO2 reductionHu, Zhaoning
2009G-induced loss of consciousness for fighter pilotsFoo, Jonathan Zhi Bao.
2013GaAs/P3HT bilayer hybrid structure.Nguyen, Hung Quang.
2012Gabor filtering-based feature extraction for pathological image analysisLim, Wei Ming.
2011Gachapon girlAdianta, Nathan
2011Gachapon girl.Chua, Eng Chee.
2011Gachapon girl.Tan, Hong Jin.
2011Gachapon girl.Tan, Kwang Yang.
2014Gadolinium doped vanadium dioxide : synthesis and thermochromic propertiesYang, Man
2014Gag and protease co-evolution modeling for HIV-1Wang, Junjie
2009Gai Hei Yan and the balance between aesthetics endeavours and technicalitiesAng, Yi Xin
2009Gai Hei Yan.Sia, Caroline Cai Ling.
2009Gai Hei Yan.Zou, Xinru.
2016Gaining control: mapping the absences in Yoshimoto’s kitchen, goodbye tsugumi & lizardSim, Zi Qin Ilysa
2013Gains from mergers and acquisitions : an empirical study on the Asia F&B industryAng, Qian Hui; Seet, Hui Ling; Pao, Mary Wing In
2015Gait muscle activity differences between young, middle - aged and older adultsHung, Joseph Jia Jun
2010Gambling : popularity, preference and risk-taking behaviour.Julaiha Meshudi.
2009Gambling decision determinants : difficulty, stakes and self-determination.Ong, Sabrina Ee Ying.
2009Gambling decisions : the influence of difficulty, stakes and self-determination.Tng, Fiona Hui Juan.; Ong, Sabrina Ee Ying.; Sim, Carol Wei Shi.
2009Gambling decisions : the influence of difficulty, stakes and self-determination.Sim, Carol Wei Shi.