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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016K Wizdom Pte Ltd (Optimate)Loo, Preston Nam Kuen
2010K-means clustering for feature extraction from wavelet-based flute signalsAng, Yew Yee
2013K-pop fandom & sasaeng fans : an exploratory study of hardcore Singaporean fans.Ho, Samantha Xiang Xin.
2015K-wave simulation to understand the photoacoustic signal characteristic from various shapes of nanoparticleVerawaty
2017K22Lim, Teck Kim
2009Ka-band beacon receiver and telecommunication link studyBoo, Chin Boon.
2010Ka-band beacon system setup and data analysisTay, Chong Liang.
2010Kababayan : faces of Filipinas in Singapore.Kong, Yen Lin.; Ling, Nuria Xinyi.
2014KACES sales and inventory management solutionOng, Wei Ket
2011Kafka and Judaism : are we all doomed?Netto, Tanya Anastasia.
2017Kagome truss structure compression testing and three-point bending simulation - simulation in abaqus caeGoh, Jia Cong
2012Kairos.Lim, Song Lip.; Foo, Derek Ming Zheng.; Tan, Jeremy Aik Wei.; Leong, Joel Ming Wei.
2004Kaleidoscopic Adam: role portrayal of men in magazine advertisements.Ho, Jessie Xinyan.
2016The Kallang Roar : a commentary of sports spectatorship in SingaporeKoh, Yizhe
2013Kalman filter implementation in matlab environmentYeo, Kelvin.
2011Kalman filtering for navigation applicationZhou, JingJing.
2007Kampong Lorong BuangkokDayanaa Md Tahir; Sarina Md Rasol; Wong, Po Fong
2017Kampung Dreamworld : a critical look at contemporary nostalgiaLeow, Si Min
2009Kampungs : remembering the places that live in our memories.Nurulhuda Maamon.
2020KANDINSKY : visualization of social comments on mobile devicesCastillo, Clarence Fitzgerald Gumtang