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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019N-doped biomass-derived carbon catayst (NBC) : preparation, characterization, and its application in removal of aqueous antibioticsLoh, Yun Ler
2010N-heterocyclic carbene-catalyzed intramolecular stetter reaction between an aldehyde and activated alkyne for easy access to chromones.Wong, Qian Ling.
2017Nabokov and Bergson: the optical expression of time in "Speak, memory"Karunungan, Patricia Arreola
2016Nada : Meditational lightingGoh, Augustus Tai Meng
2019Nagging : does it work and what cost?Chung, Abigail
2019NAH broadcasting systemsAdrianto, Christopher Reynard
2018Named entity recognition ontology chatbotLim, Zhi Yang
2010Nano gold template formed by using duv lithography processNg, Hwee Shiang.
2010Nano metal templates for developing semiconductor nanowiresKo, Ko Than Thein Kyaw.
2011Nano sized devices with shape memoryChan, Shi Yi.
2009Nano-coupling effects in nano-structured magnetsNguyen, Vu Nguyen.
2012Nano-enhanced thermoelectric materials via melt spinningAdy Suwardi
2012Nano-functionalization of textiles for superhydrophobicity and UV blockingLee, Qin Min.
2010Nano-phosphors for up-conversion fluorescence applicationsTing, Samantha Sze Hui.
2016Nano-second pulsed electric field (ns-PEF) for indoor air quality controlIu, Bing Cheng
2012Nano-structured super-capacitor electrodesQuah, Edwin Yi Han.
2012Nano-structures and shell-coating for manganese oxide in lithium ion batteriesWang, Shanshan.
2016Nanocarriers for drug delivery : liposomes and polymersomesLee, Ru Xuan
2019Nanocellulose for green electronicsChen, Kenneth Wai Yip
2009Nanocomposite CoSb3-type thermoelectric materialsYan, Fang