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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011O-Level algebra question generator - part EWut Hmone Thinn.
2011O-Level algebra question generator--part DZhao, Yuelong.
2011O-Level calculus question generatorPhang, Peow Wai.
2013Obesity triggered smoldering inflammation as a cause of diabetes.Wong, Yi Xin.
2008Object categorization of Chinese-English bilinguals in a free response task.Marliana Mohamed Aron.
2011Object classification through selsected image segmentsTeng, Serene Shu Hui.
2012Object detection and tracking motion for event analysisTan, Nicholas Sum Jun.
2020Object detection from satellite imageryFan, Sui
2020Object detection from satellite imagerySeah, Yi Xuan
2019Object detection using machine learning techniquesLi, Ling
2018Object detection using machine learning techniquesHu, Xiaoxiang
2018Object detection via convolutional neural networkOng, Wee Hong
2010An object finder for the visually impairedLee, Boon Cheng.
2019Object obstacle detection using stixel approximationMuhammad Iswandi Ismail
2019Object recognition and 6D pose estimation using deep learningSivadas Thinagar Nanoo
2019Object recognition and pose estimation for bin-pickingZhou, Lingjin
2018Object recognition and pose estimation in robotic grasping systemZhou, Jiadong
2020Object recognition and tracking for quadrotor in a dynamic environmentLim, Benjamin Zhen Wei
2018Object recognition system for dual-arm robot in bin packingYin, Wanqi
2015Object recognition using deep learning featuresZhu, Daiqing