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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016P-B003 challenges of the offshore & marine industry in singaporeYeo, Melvin Wen Hui
2008P-ranks and automorphism of group divisible designs.Tan, Yee Sern.
2016P1020-141 Management of Power Sharing in MicrogridWin, Kaung Htet Naing
2009P2P system for RSS feed disseminationCui, Zhuo
2009P4-network : a networking infrastructure for intra-aircraft cabin wireless communicationPham, Chau Khoa.
2009PAA-templated CuO nanoparticles : synthesis and self-assemblyLi, Zhenggang.
2017Pachai, Manjal, Karuppu Thamizhan/ Green, Yellow, Black Tamil : a study of the effects of colorism in postcolonial India, as represented by Tamil cinemaArivazhagan, Aiswarya Devi
2020Packaging & instrumentation data acquisitionNg, Jun Tian
2020Packaging and instrumentation data acquisitionLee, Maverick Xian Zheng
2011Packaging healthfulness : the effect of restrained eating, categorical thinking and seals/claims on perceived healthfulness.Lee, Wei Xun.; Low, Jin Yong.; Nguyen, Thi Kim Thu.; Tang, Stanley Wei Hong.
2012Packet X-rayAng, Teng Jie
2009Page ranking : how it affects your choiceChan, Freddie Zhi Yang.
2019Page65Chu, Isaac Weng Yip
2018PainNg, Yi Shu
2010Painful portraits : responding to AIDS in Africa through humanistic engagement of images.Yong, Hui Ying.
2016Paint the town redLim, Anne-Marie Sian Ping; Teh, Kimberly Rachel Yu Ling; Lai, Scott Zhi Han; Tan, Jo Yee
2017Paint-your-mind : image creation for non-artistsTang, Jun Hao
2015Paint-your-mind : image creation for non-artistsLee, Rayner Jian Hao
2018Paint-your-mind : image creation for non-artistsFang, Ran
2011Painting and animating with graphics strokesCheong, Ying Ying.