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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994R&D and the Singapore economy : a case studyYong, Meei Yun; Chan, Kum Wai; Lung, Sing Han
2001R&D costs of SGX-listed high technology and Internet-related companies.Ong, Lay Hong.; Loh, Shu Liu.; Lim, Ping Ping.
1996R&D scene in Singapore.Chan, Poh Yee.; Ong, Phuay Kee.; Tay, Lily Kah Ling.
2015Ra bam yuk maiSeetoh, Ji Fatt
2011Rabbit rayWang, Esther Chunshu
2011Rac inactivation decreases cell adhesion strength in chronic myeloid leukaemiaYang, Joan Xiaohui
2017Race and class implications on the perceptions and management of Singapore footballMurni Nadra Abdul Rahim
2017Race and Racial Identity: The [Other]s’ Face of SingaporeJin, Mark Rong
2010The race for critical thinkers.Tan, Yi Wen.; Eveline Prabowo Danubrata.
2012Racial and gender discrimination in Singapore’s rental housing market : an empirical study.Teo, Hui Qi.; Yusra Mohd Yusoff.
2019Racial boundaries and social cohesion in Singapore youth footballDe Silva, Nicholas
2020Racial discrimination against prospective tenants : evidence from the room rental market in SingaporeChew, Ilynn Mei Xian; Goh, Pei Ying; Ng, Wan Zhyi
2016Racism, prejudice and cultural stereotypes in British Asian fictionTan, Ivan Lye Hwee
2011Radar based sensing for healthcare monitoringChen, Evelyn Meiying.
2016Radar calculator app development on AndroidJia, Yixin
2009Radar data analysis and rain modelling softwareYeo, Shawn Qing Wen.
2013Radar guided mobile robotLim, Hui Wen.
2018Radar plan position indicator on iOSLin, Juan
2016Radar system design & measurements using software-defined radio (software-defined radar network system) (project no. B3218-151)Goh, Chee Kiong
2020Radar system for roots detectionTan, Kenneth Wei Ming