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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009S-REITs performance : initial day and until dividend announcement.Khoo, Ke Xin.; Tay, Serene Ya Yun.; Shee, Genevieve Shu Hua.
2013S100A8 and A9 proteins regulate expression of key genes for inflammation and wound healing.Khoo, Jasmine Ser Chin.
2017‘Sacredness’ of Nightclubs: A Study on Significance of Nightclub Spaces among Young Singaporean ClubbersLee, Su Yu
2020Safe passage simulation of connected autonomous vehicle platoons at signal-free intersectionsChee, Kenneth Wai Kuin
2019The safe seat : an NTU FYP health communication campaign encouraging the adoption of appropriate child restraints among parentsOw, Gracia; Lai, Jue Hao; Quah, Jia Ling; Soo, Jalyn
1999Safe-guarding your interests as a tourist : a study on consumer protection relating to package holidaysAng, Shih Yin; Wee, Pauline Hui Woon; Wong, Pui San
2012Safeguarding e-commerce against advisor cheating behaviors : towards more robust trust models for handling unfair ratingsZhang, Lizi
2019Safer personal mobility device in 2040Lim, Hong Sheng
2011Safety and accessibility of pedestrian infrastructural network at MRT stations in SingaporeHui, Kah Leong.
2011Safety and accessibility of pedestrian infrastructural network at MRT stations in SingaporeYap, Tzyy Kae.
2015Safety and reliability of blowout preventer using fault tree and event tree analysisChua, Darence Kok Zhen
2013Safety assessment of cracked tubular Y-joints using failure assessment diagram (FAD) methodGao, Zhe.
2015Safety at road junctionsHan, Jia Min
2015Safety at road junctionsOng, Jacqueline Jie Lin
2000Safety risk management and workmen's compensation insurance in the construction industry.Ong, Pei Pei.; Ong, Su Mei.; Yee, Foong Sze.
2017SAFIN(FRIE)++ : type-I online mandami fuzzy inference system with application in option tradingVo Duy Tung
1995The saga of the success of Singapore telecomLim, Soon Hwee; Lee, Choon Hua; Lee, Huan Leng
2018Sailing speed optimization in liner service designXu, Ziyi
2021Sakoku : an investigation into phonological adaptations of Dutch loanwords in Japanese from 1639 to 1854Chan, Louis Ace Chang Bok
2013Salt accumulation in osmotic membrane bioreactorSu, Alvin Guo Jie.