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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006U Turn : the Journey Begins.Goh, Yun Ting.; Ler, You Wei.; Ng, Zi Yi.; Zhong, Huiqi.
2017U.S presidential election 2016 : what can we tell about public opinion from 140 characters?Wong, Li Yan
1997U.S. Trade deficit news & the stock return of the automobile industry and its leading automakers in both the U.S. and JapanLim Keng Hong Wendy, Poh Hsiao Yen, Tham Puah Ling
2018UAV air traffic control system - subsystemAw, Jason Chieh Liang
2018UAV air traffic control system - subsystem 1Tay, Chengwei
2020UAV and photogrammetry for 3D digitalizationTan, Joanne Xin Yi
2015UAV for indoor navigation using a single cameraLau, Sin Ye
2015UAV formation flight in outdoor environments (I)Ng, Thiam Poo
2017UAV formation with digital camera (I)Chua, Jia Hao
2017UAV formation with digital cameras (II)Akilan, K.
2016UAV infrastructures for smart citiesViknesh, G. S.
2018UAV navigation using vision sensor onlyMai, Ky Phong,
2020UAV path checking in an aircraft inspection systemChua, Li Qian
2016UAV-borne radar RF transceiver design and testingWang, Zhixiang
2016UAV-borne SAR motion compensation by GPS+IMUHeng, Choon Kian
2016UAV’s recognition of its route through image recognitionPrakash Sekaran
2013Ubin or, life in the woods.Tan, Katrina Liyi.
2011Ubiquitination associated proteolysis inhibition impairs plus ended motor proteins dynamics during mitosis.Leong, Michelle Jiahui.
2011Ubiquitous operating systemLim, Beng Hwa.
2012UDP over delay tolerant networksTan, Eric Jun Qi.