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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20160.05 room flatNg, Si Ying
20201 hug please : re-discovering and embracing ways of affection through illustrated narrativeLee, Phoebe Wen Ting
20091-D settlement characteristics of compacted residual soilsLu, Yitan.
20091-D settlement characteristics of unsaturated soilsLi, Bing.
200210 task retail service process : a model of customer service excellenceLow, Brendan Shun Wei; Tey, Jack Kie; Siregar Sherwin Parulian Tien
2010100 news @ wall projectionSun, Zhongyinan
2010A 12-bit ultra-low power analog to digital converter design for an infrared imaging systemLiu, Shao Tao.
201112-bit ultra-low power low voltage analog to digital converter design for an infrared imaging systemPang, Bo
2014130912Tan, Malvina
2010135 gigahertz microstrip patch antenna designLin, Zi Xian.
202014 functions for interactive hero-centric story generationJiang, Nan
202116 bits high speed CMOS multiplier IC designWut Yee Win Thoung
201216-bit full adder design based on cadence full-custom IC design flowYan, Aung Win
201416-bit high speed multiplier designYeo, Melvin Shung Shii
202016-bit low power CMOS multiplier IC designHu, Hang
201616-bit low power multiplier designLiew Tien Hong
2017The 1876 Chinese Post Office incident : an assessment of the Chinese remittance system and reasons for the incidentCheong, Hua Zhen
20101920年代台湾知识分子运动对民族意识的影响 = The influence of the intellectual movements on nationalism in Taiwan in the 1920’s谢佩婷 Xie, Peiting
20171930 年代的中国软性电影之争 :以《化身姑娘》为例 = The soft film debate in 1930 : case study of “Tomboy”戴嘉慧 Tai, Jia Hui
20161950 年代新加坡福建戏曲电影《醉打金枝》研究 = A study on Taming of the Princess : a Singapore Amoy-dialect film in the 1950s江欣如 Kang, Brenda Sin Joo