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 2011《从‘带饿思泼辣’到‘酷儿漂浪’:以许佑生《岸边石》和李昂《禁色的爱》为例 = “From “Diaspora” to “Queer Diaspora” : on Hsu You-Sheng’s riverband rock and Li Ang’s love in prohibited color”许维贤 Hee, Wai Siam
 2018华语电影在后马来西亚:土腔风格、华夷风和作者论 = Post-Malaysian Chinese-language film: accented style, sinophone and auteur theory许维贤 Hee, Wai Siam
2020同志潛影、後遺民與冷戰:以早期華語語系明星白雲為例 = Queer latent images, post-loyalism and the Cold War: the case of an early sinophone star, Bai Yun许维贤 Hee, Wai Siam
 2008同志的“入柜”,或酷儿的“出匦”?以九十年代《联合文学》和《岛屿边缘》为例 = In closet as gay, or coming out as queer? : a comparative study on homosexual’s discursive practices between the Unitas and ISLE margin magazine in 1990’s Taiwan许维贤 Hee, Wai Siam
 2011《夭折的罗曼史:‘一个马来西亚’与‘阴阳同体’在雅斯敏电影中的‘镜外之域’》= “A thwarted romance : the space-off created by “1 Malaysia” and “Intersex” in Yasmin Ahmad’s films”许维贤 Hee, Wai Siam
 2017打造马来亚:论马来亚制片组的冷战影像 = The making of Malaya: on the Malayan Film Unit’s Cold War moving images许维贤 Hee, Wai Siam
 2018重绘华语语系版图:冷战前后新马华语电影的文化生产 = Remapping the sinophone: the cultural production of Chinese-language cinema in Singapore and Malaya before and during the Cold war许维贤 Hee, Wai Siam
2018離散的邊界:離散論述、土腔電影與《初戀紅豆冰》= The Frontiers of the diaspora: diaspora discourse, accented cinema and Ice Kacang Puppy Love许维贤 Hee, Wai Siam