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2012The career paths less (or more) traveled : a sequence analysis of IT career histories, mobility patterns, and career successSlaughter, Sandra A.; Joseph, Damien; Boh, Wai Fong; Ang, Soon
 2007Firm-specific human capital and compensation organizational tenure profiles : an archival analysis of salary data for itBoh, Wai Fong; Ang, Soon; Slaughter, Sandra A.
 2012Leader–member exchange (LMX) and culture : a meta-analysis of correlates of LMX across 23 countriesDulebohn, James H.; Shore, Lynn M.; Rockstuhl, Thomas; Ang, Soon
 2022Organizational CQ: cultural intelligence for 21ˢᵗ-century organizationsLivermore, David; Van Dyne, Linn; Ang, Soon
2019Speaking out and speaking up in multicultural settings : a two-study examination of cultural intelligence and voice behaviorNg, Kok Yee; Van Dyne, Linn; Ang, Soon
 2012Sub-dimensions of the four factor model of cultural intelligence : expanding the conceptualization and measurement of cultural intelligenceAng, Soon; Ng, Kok Yee; Rockstuhl, Thomas; Tan, Mei Ling; Dyne, Linn Van; Koh, Christine
 2013Taking the bite out of culture : the impact of task structure and task type on overcoming impediments to cross-cultural team performanceErez, Miriam; Nouri, Rikki; Rockstuhl, Thomas; Ang, Soon; Leshem-Calif, Lee; Rafaeli, Anat
2015Turnover or turnaway? Competing risks analysis of male and female IT professionals’ job mobility and relative pay gapJoseph, Damien; Ang, Soon; Slaughter, Sandra A.