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2018Choice of outcomes and measurement instruments in randomised trials on eLearning in medical education : a systematic mapping review protocolLaw, Gloria Chunyi; Apfelbacher, Christian; Posadzki, Pawel Przemyslaw; Kemp, Sandra; Tudor Car, Lorainne
2022The HOME Core outcome set for clinical trials of atopic dermatitisWilliams, Hywel C.; Schmitt, Jochen; Thomas, Kim S.; Spuls, Phyllis I.; Simpson, Eric L.; Apfelbacher, Christian; Chalmers, Joanne R.; Furue, Masutaka; Katoh, Norito; Gerbens, Louise A. A.; Leshem, Yael A.; Howells, Laura; Singh, Jasvinder A.; Boers, Maarten
2019Outcome measurements used in randomized controlled trials of teledermatology : a systematic mapping reviewChow, Aloysius; Soon, Charlene; Smith, Helen Elizabeth; Apfelbacher, Christian
2022Outcomes, measurement instruments, and their validity evidence in randomized controlled trials on virtual, augmented, and mixed reality in undergraduate medical education: systematic mapping reviewCar, Lorainne Tudor; Kyaw, Bhone Myint; Teo, Andrew; Fox, Tatiana Erlikh; Vimalesvaran, Sunitha; Apfelbacher, Christian; Kemp, Sandra; Chavannes, Niels
2023Pediatricians' experiences of managing outpatient care during the COVID-19 pandemic: a qualitative study in Germanyvon Sommoggy, Julia; Grepmeier, Eva-Maria; Apfelbacher, Christian; Brandstetter, Susanne; Curbach, Janina
2023Planetary health literacy: a conceptual modelJochem, Carmen; von Sommoggy, Julia; Hornidge, Anna-Katharina; Schwienhorst-Stich, Eva-Maria; Apfelbacher, Christian
2019Proliferation of the WReN spider, an instrument to measure health professionals’ experience of research : a bibliographic studyPuerta, Lidia Luna; Apfelbacher, Christian; Smith, Helen