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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Activated carbons derived from coconut shells as high energy density cathode material for Li-ion capacitorsJain, Akshay; Aravindan, Vanchiappan; Jayaraman, Sundaramurthy; Kumar, Palaniswamy Suresh; Balasubramanian, Rajasekhar; Ramakrishna, Seeram; Madhavi, Srinivasan; Srinivasan, M. P.
 2019All carbon based high energy lithium-ion capacitors from biomass : the role of crystallinitySennu, Palanichamy; Arun, Nagasubramanian; Madhavi, Srinivasan; Aravindan, Vanchiappan; Lee, Yun-Sung
 2013Atomic layer deposited (ALD) SnO2 anodes with exceptional cycleability for Li-ion batteriesAravindan, Vanchiappan; Jinesh, K. B.; Prabhakar, Rajiv Ramanujam; Kale, Vinayak S.; Madhavi, Srinivasan
 2021Binary NaCl–NaF and NaCl–LiF flux-mediated growth of mixed-valence (V3+/4+) NASICON-type Na3V2(PO4)2F2.5O0.5 and Na2.4Li0.6V2(PO4)2F2.5O0.5 for highly reversible Na- and Li-Ion storagePartheeban, Thamodaran; Senthilkumar, Baskar; Aravindan, Vanchiappan; Madhavi, Srinivasan; Sasidharan, Manickam
2012Carbon coated nano-LiTi2(PO4)3 electrode for non-aqueous hybrid supercapacitorsReddy, M. V.; Aravindan, Vanchiappan; Chuiling, W.; Rao, G. V. Subba; Chowdari, Bobba V. R.; Madhavi, Srinivasan
2013Carbon coated NASICON type Li3V2-xMx(PO4)3 (M=Mn, Fe and Al) materials with enhanced cyclability for Li-Ion batteriesSon, J. N.; Kim, G. J.; Kim, M. C.; Kim, S. H.; Lee, Y. G.; Lee, Y. S.; Aravindan, Vanchiappan
2012Carbon supported, Al doped-Li3V2(PO4)3 as a high rate cathode material for lithium-ion batteriesCho, A. R.; Son, J. N.; Kim, H.; Kang, K. S.; Yoon, W. S.; Kim, W. S.; Lee, Y. S.; Aravindan, Vanchiappan
 2014Carbon-coated Li3Nd3W2O12 : a high power and low-voltage insertion anode with exceptional cycleability for Li-Ion batteriesSatish, Rohit; Aravindan, Vanchiappan; Ling, Wong Chui; Goodenough, John B.; Madhavi, Srinivasan
 2010Characterization of poly(vinylidenefluoride-co-hexafluoroprolylene) membranes containing nanoscopic AlO(OH)n filler with Li/LiFePO4 cellAravindan, Vanchiappan; Senthilkumar, V.; Nithiananthi, P.; Vickraman, P.
2013Chemical lithiation studies on combustion synthesized V2O5 cathodes with full cell application for lithium ion batteriesCheah, Yan Ling; Aravindan, Vanchiappan; Madhavi, Srinivasan
2015A comparative evaluation of differently synthesized high surface area carbons for Li-ion hybrid electrochemical supercapacitor application: Pore size distribution holds the keySuryawanshi, Anil; Biswal, Mandakini; Mhamane, Dattakumar; Yadav, Prasad; Banerjee, Abhik; Yadav, Poonam; Patil, Shankar; Aravindan, Vanchiappan; Madhavi, Srinivasan; Ogale, Satishchandra
 2014Construction of high-energy-density supercapacitors from pine-cone-derived high-surface-area carbonsAmaresh, S.; Karthikeyan, Kaliyappan; Lee, Sol Nip; Sun, Xueliang; Aravindan, Vanchiappan; Lee, Young-Gi; Lee, Yun Sung
 2012Effect of aging on the ionic conductivity of polyvinylidenefluoride–hexafluoropropylene (PVdF–HFP) membrane impregnated with different lithium saltsAravindan, Vanchiappan; Vickraman, Palanisamy
2012Effect of LiBOB additive on the electrochemical performance of LiCoPO4Aravindan, Vanchiappan; Cheah, Yan Ling; Wong, Chui Ling; Madhavi, Srinivasan
2012Electrochemical lithium insertion behavior of combustion synthesized V2O5 cathodes for lithium-ion batteriesCheah, Yan Ling; Aravindan, Vanchiappan; Madhavi, Srinivasan
2012Electrochemical performance of cobalt free, Li1.2(Mn0.32Ni0.32Fe0.16)O2 cathodes for lithium batteriesKim, H.; Kang, K. S.; Kim, W. S.; Karthikeyan, K.; Lee, G. W.; Lee, Y. S.; Aravindan, Vanchiappan; Amaresh, Samuthirapandian
 2012Electrochemical performance of NASICON type carbon coated LiTi2(PO4)3 with a spinel LiMn2O4 cathodeAravindan, Vanchiappan; Chuiling, W.; Madhavi, Srinivasan
 2012Electrochemical performance of α-MnO2 nanorods/activated carbon hybrid supercapacitorAravindan, Vanchiappan; Reddy, M. V.; Madhavi, Srinivasan; Rao, G. V. Subba; Chowdari, Bobba V. R.
 2018Electrochemical route to alleviate irreversible capacity loss from conversion type α-Fe₂O₃ anodes by LiVPO₄F prelithiationAravindan, Vanchiappan; Satish, Rohit; Jayaraman, Sundaramurthy; Madhavi, Srinivasan
 2012Electrospun TiO2-graphene composite nanofibers as a highly durable insertion anode for lithium ion batteriesZhang, Xiang; Kumar, Palaniswamy Suresh; Aravindan, Vanchiappan; Liu, Huihui; Sundaramurthy, Jayaraman; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam; Duong, Hai Minh; Ramakrishna, Seeram; Madhavi, Srinivasan