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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016After South China Sea Ruling – Good Fences or Good Neighbours: Implications for Maritime BoundariesBateman, Sam
2007ASEAN and the poor Seafarers : the price of additional maritime securityBateman, Sam
2008The Australia 2020 Summit – Few New Ideas but Moving Australia to the LeftBateman, Sam
2012Australia in the Asian century : how much new thinking?Bateman, Sam
2013Australia's new defence white paper : shifting the goal postsBateman, Sam
2009Australian defence white paper: what price maritime security?Bateman, Sam
2007Australia’s Defence Update 2007:Implications for Southeast AsiaBateman, Sam
2017Australia’s Foreign Policy White Paper: Dealing with UncertaintyBateman, Sam
2016Australia’s French Submarine Decision: A Long-standing Security RelationshipBateman, Sam
2017Building cooperation for managing the South China Sea without strategic trustBateman, Sam
2006Burden sharing in the straits : not so straightforwardBateman, Sam
2012China’s new maritime regulations : do they accord with international law?Bateman, Sam
2009Clashes at sea : when Chinese vessels harass US shipsBateman, Sam
2010Coming back to the US fold : New Zealand defence and security policiesBateman, Sam
2009Coming to the Rescue of the Oceans: The Climate Change ImperativeBateman, Sam; Mary Ann Palma
2006Ferry safety: A neglected aspect of maritime security?Bateman, Sam
 2017Fishing militia, the securitization of fishery and the South China Sea disputeZhang, Hongzhou; Bateman, Sam
2009The Great Australian Defence Debate: Is China a Threat?Bateman, Sam
2011The hijacking of the MV Zirku : a case study in shipping securityBateman, Sam
2009Increased Risks at Sea? Global Shipping Downturn and Maritime SecurityBateman, Sam