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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Behavior of a shock-accelerated heavy cylindrical bubble under nonequilibrium conditions of diatomic and polyatomic gasesSingh, Satyvir; Battiato, Marco
2018Distinctive picosecond spin polarization dynamics in bulk half metalsBattiato, Marco; Richter, M. C.; Mariot, J.-M; Minár, J.; Wang, W.; Ndiaye, W.; Heckmann, O.; Parmigiani, F.; Hricovini, K.; Cacho, C.
2020Effect of strong electric fields on material responses : the Bloch oscillation resonance in high field conductivitiesSingh, Satyvir; Battiato, Marco
2020Effective mass enhancement and ultrafast electron dynamics of Au(111) surface state coupled to a quantum wellVarykhalov, A.; Freyse, F.; Aguilera, I.; Battiato, Marco; Krivenkov, M.; Marchenko, D.; Bihlmayer, G.; Blügel, S.; Rader, O.; Sánchez-Barriga, J.
2018Efficient terahertz generation using Fe/Pt spintronic emitters pumped at different wavelengthsPapaioannou, Evangelos Th.; Torosyan, Garik; Keller, Sascha; Scheuer, Laura; Battiato, Marco; Mag-usara, Valynn Katrine; L'huillier, Johannes; Tani, Masahiko; Beigang, René
 2020Electro-ionic control of surface plasmons in graphene-layered heterostructuresPae, Jian Yi; Medwal, Rohit; Nair, Radhika V.; Chaurasiya, Avinash; Battiato, Marco; Rawat, Rajdeep Singh; Matham, Murukeshan Vadakke
2022Explicit modal discontinuous galerkin approximations for three-dimensional Electronic boltzmann transport equationSingh, Satyvir; Battiato, Marco
 2021An explicit modal discontinuous Galerkin method for Boltzmann transport equation under electronic nonequilibrium conditionsSingh, Satyvir; Battiato, Marco
2019Far out-of-equilibrium spin populations trigger giant spin injection into atomically thin MoS2Cheng, Liang; Wang, Xinbo; Yang, Weifeng; Chai, Jianwei; Yang, Ming; Chen, Mengji; Wu, Yang; Chen, Xiaoxuan; Chi, Dongzhi; Goh, Johnson Kuan Eng; Zhu, Jian-Xin; Sun, Handong; Wang, Shijie; Song, Justin Chien Wen; Battiato, Marco; Yang, Hyunsoo; Chia, Elbert Ee Min
2023From rogue wave solution to solitonsChowdury, Amdad; Chang, Wonkeun; Battiato, Marco
2023Higher-order rogue-wave fission in the presence of self-steepening and Raman self-frequency shiftChowdury, Amdad; Chang, Wonkeun; Battiato, Marco
2021Impact of bulk viscosity on flow morphology of shock-accelerated cylindrical light bubble in diatomic and polyatomic gasesSingh, Satyvir; Battiato, Marco; Myong, Rho Shin
2018Impact of ultrafast transport on the high-energy states of a photoexcited topological insulatorFreyse, F.; Yashina, L. V.; Sánchez-Barriga, J.; Battiato, Marco
2018Importance of Schottky barriers for wide-bandgap thermoelectric devicesWais, M.; Held, K.; Battiato, Marco
2022Modelling of spintronic terahertz emitters as a function of spin generation and diffusion geometryYang, Yingshu; Dal Forno, Stefano; Battiato, Marco
2019Modification of spintronic terahertz emitter performance through defect engineeringNenno, Dennis M.; Scheuer, Laura; Sokoluk, Dominik; Keller, Sascha; Torosyan, Garik; Brodyanski, Alexander; Lösch, Jörg; Battiato, Marco; Rahm, Marco; Binder, Rolf H.; Schneider, Hans Christian; Beigang, René; Papaioannou, Evangelos Th.
 2021Numerical scheme for the far-out-of-equilibrium time-dependent Boltzmann collision operator: 1D second-degree momentum discretisation and adaptive time steppingWadgaonkar, I.; Jain, R.; Battiato, Marco
 2021Numerical solver for the out-of-equilibrium time dependent Boltzmann collision operator: application to 2D materialsWadgaonkar, Indrajit; Wais, M.; Battiato, Marco
 2021Numerical solver for the time-dependent far-from-equilibrium Boltzmann equationWais, M.; Held, Karsten; Battiato, Marco
2018Quantum Boltzmann equation for strongly correlated systems : comparison to dynamical mean field theoryWais, M.; Eckstein, M.; Fischer, R.; Werner, P.; Held, K.; Battiato, Marco