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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Balancing breadth and depth of expertise for innovation : a 3M storyBoh, Wai Fong; Evaristo, Roberto; Ouderkirk, Andrew
2012The career paths less (or more) traveled : a sequence analysis of IT career histories, mobility patterns, and career successSlaughter, Sandra A.; Joseph, Damien; Boh, Wai Fong; Ang, Soon
2014The contingent effects of social network sparseness and centrality on managerial innovativenessWong, Sze Sze; Boh, Wai Fong
2010Enablers and benefits of implementing Service-Oriented Architecture : an empirical investigationBoh, Wai Fong; Yellin, Daniel M.
2007Expertise and collaboration in the geographically dispersed organizationBoh, Wai Fong; Ren, Yuqing; Kiesler, Sara; Bussjaeger, Robert
 2007Firm-specific human capital and compensation organizational tenure profiles : an archival analysis of salary data for itBoh, Wai Fong; Ang, Soon; Slaughter, Sandra A.
2020How different are crowdfunders? Examining archetypes of crowdfundersLin, Yan; Boh, Wai Fong
2019Investor experience and innovation performance : the mediating role of external cooperationBoh, Wai Fong; Huang, Cheng‐Jen; Wu, Anne
2014Knowledge sharing in communities of practice : examining usefulness of knowledge from discussion forums versus repositoriesBoh, Wai Fong
2013Knowledge transfer across dissimilar culturesBoh, Wai Fong; Nguyen, T. T.; Xu, Yun
 2007Learning from experience in software development : a multilevel analysisSlaughter, Sandra A.; Boh, Wai Fong; Espinosa, J. Alberto
2019Leniency bias in subjective performance evaluation : contextual uncertainty and prior employee performanceGong, Na; Boh, Wai Fong; Wu, Anne; Kuo, Tsuilin
2020Lessons from COVID-19 : toward a pandemic readiness audit checklist for small and medium-sized enterprisesRavindran, Thara; Boh, Wai Fong
2014Managers versus co-workers as referents : comparing social influence effects on within- and outside-subsidiary knowledge sharingBoh, Wai Fong; Wong, Sze Sze
2006Mechanisms for sharing knowledge in project-based organizationsBoh, Wai Fong
2023Online-to-offline platforms: examining the effects of demand-side usage on supply-side decisionsWan, Xing; Jha, Ashish Kumar; Kazantsev, Nikolai; Boh, Wai Fong
2019Opinion convergence versus polarization : examining opinion distributions in online word‐of‐mouthHuang, Jianxiong; Boh, Wai Fong; Goh, Kim Huat
2013Organizational climate and perceived manager effectiveness : influencing perceived usefulness of knowledge sharing mechanismsBoh, Wai Fong; Wong, Sze Sze
2008Reuse of knowledge assets from repositories : a mixed methods studyBoh, Wai Fong
2007Standards development and diffusion : a case study of RosettaNetBoh, Wai Fong; Soh, Christina; Yeo, Steven