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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Applied linguistics in ChinaLam, A. S. L.; Bolton, Kingsley
 2008Bilingualism and multilingualism in the HKSAR : language surveys and Hong Kong's changing linguistic profileJohn Bacon-Shone; Bolton, Kingsley
 1998Charting multilingualism : language censuses and language surveys in Hong KongJohn Bacon-Shone; Bolton, Kingsley
2002Chinese Englishes : from Canton jargon to global EnglishBolton, Kingsley
2023EMI (English-medium instruction) in Cambodian higher educationLin, Benedict; Bolton, Kingsley; Bacon-Shone, John; Khan, Bophan
2017English as a medium of instruction in Singapore higher educationBolton, Kingsley; Botha, Werner
2012English as an academic language at a Swedish university : parallel language use and the ‘threat’ of EnglishBolton, Kingsley; Kuteeva, Maria
2015English in China : a contemporary bibliographyBolton, Kingsley; Botha, Werner; Zhang, Wei
2012English in China todayBolton, Kingsley; Graddol, David
2015English in China's universities : past and presentBolton, Kingsley; Botha, Werner
2013English in contemporary Sweden : perceptions, policies, and narrated practicesBolton, Kingsley; Meierkord, Christiane
2017English-medium instruction in Singapore higher education : policy, realities and challengesBolton, Kingsley; Botha, Werner; Bacon-Shone, John
1996The international corpus of English in Hong KongBolton, Kingsley; Bolt, Philip
2002Introduction : interdisciplinary perspectives on English in ChinaBolton, Kingsley; Tong, Q. S
2000Language and hybridization : Pidgin tales from the China CoastBolton, Kingsley
2011Language policy and planning in Hong Kong: Colonial and post-colonial perspectivesBolton, Kingsley
 2018Larry E. Smith's scholarly publications : a bibliographyBolton, Kingsley; Davis, Daniel R.
 2018Larry Smith and world EnglishesBolton, Kingsley; Davis, Daniel R.
2019Multilingualism and language mixing among Singapore university studentsBolton, Kingsley; Botha, Werner
2015Researching English in contemporary ChinaBolton, Kingsley; Botha, Werner