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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2021ABCDM : an Attention-based Bidirectional CNN-RNN Deep Model for sentiment analysisBasiri, Mohammad Ehsan; Nemati, Shahla; Abdar, Moloud; Cambria, Erik; Acharya, U. Rajendra
 2020Anaphora and coreference resolution : a reviewSukthanker, Rhea; Poria, Soujanya; Cambria, Erik; Thirunavukarasu, Ramkumar
2017Bayesian network based extreme learning machine for subjectivity detectionChaturvedi, Iti; Ragusa, Edoardo; Gastaldo, Paolo; Zunino, Rodolfo; Cambria, Erik
 2022BiERU: bidirectional emotional recurrent unit for conversational sentiment analysisLi, Wei; Shao, Wei; Ji, Shaoxiong; Cambria, Erik
 2023A brief survey on recent advances in coreference resolutionLiu, Ruicheng; Mao, Rui; Luu, Anh Tuan; Cambria, Erik
2019Can a humanoid robot be part of the organizational workforce? A user study leveraging sentiment analysisMishra, Nidhi; Ramanathan, Manoj; Satapathy, Ranjan; Cambria, Erik; Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia
 2019Cognitive-inspired domain adaptation of sentiment lexiconsXing, Frank Z.; Pallucchini, Filippo; Cambria, Erik
 2021Comment toxicity detection via a multichannel convolutional bidirectional gated recurrent unitKumar, J. Ashok; Abirami, S.; Trueman, Tina Esther; Cambria, Erik
 2021A convolutional stacked bidirectional LSTM with a multiplicative attention mechanism for aspect category and sentiment detectionKumar, Ashok J.; Trueman, Tina Esther; Cambria, Erik
 2022Deep-attack over the deep reinforcement learningLi, Yang; Pan, Quan; Cambria, Erik
 2020Dialogue systems with audio contextYoung, Tom; Pandelea, Vlad; Poria, Soujanya; Cambria, Erik
 2019Disentangled variational auto-encoder for semi-supervised learningLi, Yang; Pan, Quan; Wang, Suhang; Peng, Haiyun; Yang, Tao; Cambria, Erik
 2022Does semantics aid syntax? An empirical study on named entity recognition and classificationZhong, Xiaoshi; Cambria, Erik; Hussain, Amir
2021Emotion recognition on edge devices: training and deploymentPandelea, Vlad; Ragusa, Edoardo; Apicella, Tommaso; Gastaldo, Paolo; Cambria, Erik
 2020End-to-end latent-variable task-oriented dialogue system with exact log-likelihood optimizationXu, H.; Peng, Haiyun; Xie, H.; Cambria, Erik; Zhou, L.; Zheng, W.
2014Enhancing business intelligence by means of suggestive reviewsQazi, Atika; Raj, Ram Gopal; Tahir, Muhammad; Cambria, Erik; Syed, Karim Bux Shah
 2017Ensemble application of ELM and GPU for real-time multimodal sentiment analysisTran, Ha-Nguyen; Cambria, Erik
2022Ensemble hybrid learning methods for automated depression detectionAnsari, Luna; Ji, Shaoxiong; Chen, Qian; Cambria, Erik
 2020Extracting time expressions and named entities with constituent-based tagging schemesZhong, Xiaoshi; Cambria, Erik; Hussain Amir
 2023Fusing topology contexts and logical rules in language models for knowledge graph completionLin, Qika; Mao, Rui; Liu, Jun; Xu, Fangzhi; Cambria, Erik